SaaS Applications Development

Build robust, feature-rich, and powerful web and mobile applications with our well-defined SaaS application development services.

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Custom SaaS Application Development That Suits Your Business Needs

Why Choose Akratech for SaaS Applications development?

Deliver customer-focused, advanced SaaS (Software as a Service) applications that help you achieve business goals faster. We not only build custom SaaS applications but ensure the applications meet compliance standards and help you maximize your profits while providing high-quality Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products to customers.

For more than a decade, our SaaS product development experts have been involved in designing, developing, and launching custom SaaS applications from scratch. As a SaaS app development company, we have successfully delivered B2B SaaS and B2C SaaS applications using our SaaS product development processes via Scrum/Kanban methodologies bringing in timely delivery within a defined budget.

Why Choose Akratech for SaaS Applications development?

Build Your SaaS Applications with Our Proven SaaS Development Processes

Through our highly skilled and certified designers and developers we offer custom services to a wide range of domains and technology stacks along with robust management, and technical support with an end-to-end delivery process.

Being a SaaS app development service provider, we are result-oriented, very communicative, and always available leveraging various collaborative communication tools for effective working relationships which we believe is essential especially when work involves working remotely and brings transparency, confidence, and trust.

We have proven experience in building custom solutions using SaaS development frameworks and launching SaaS cloud-based applications to market in no time.

As part of SaaS development and management, we follow Industry best practices and standards to ensure performance, scalability, robustness, and quality. Besides, we follow DevOps processes involving Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery as part of Infrastructure management and deployment and ensure the required KPIs are met.

We ensure security compliance through 3rd party integration such as System Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, or Intrusion Prevention Systems to eliminate risks of system failure, performance problems, and security issues.

End-to-end SaaS Application Design and Development

The success of a SaaS application development company relies on providing highly engaging and user-friendly services that customers can easily access and use. Akratech's agile software development methodology has been proven to be the most stable approach while building SaaS applications and products.

Investing in our well defined and cost effective design and development service model will give you the best leverage, thereby helping you achieve success in your growth , ensuring continuous business and customer loyalty. We provide custom SaaS consulting services using the best SaaS development tools to our customers to help them invest wisely to get the most out of their SaaS product or service.

We Provide SaaS MVP Development Within A Viable Time Period

AkraTech collaborates with businesses in a variety of industries to create, design, develop, and implement high-performance SaaS applications that meet the needs of individual customers. Our skilled staff thoroughly understands what’s needed at every stage of the SaaS development life cycle and delivers digital products and services globally.

We have managed SaaS cloud applications from conceptualization to implementation, brought in delivery excellence, and maintained a high level of customer satisfaction, ensuring products are aligned & delivered based on set business goals and objectives, reduced operational risks, and increased profitability.

We have helped clients develop MVPs, CRM, E-Commerce, E-learning, Healthcare Applications, and many other SaaS Products with faster turnaround development time. We have developed box/custom features across various modules such as Dashboard, Profile Management, Document Management, Authentication & Authorization, Admin Panel, Payment Gateways, Subscriptions, Billing / Invoicing, Multi-user Logins, Admin Panel, E-Payments, Billings/ Invoices, Alerts & Notifications, Graphical Reporting & Analytics besides a host of other features.

Features We Can Add To Your Custom SaaS Application

checkbox User Management
checkbox Profile Management
checkbox Admin Panel
checkbox Surveys
checkbox Dashboards
checkbox Payments
checkbox Multi-Language Support
checkbox Calendar Reports
checkbox E-Payment
checkbox Subscriptions
checkbox Changelog
checkbox Billing
checkbox GDPR
checkbox Invoices

Why Go For A SaaS MVP Development Firm Like Akratech?

The goal is to get your new product or website out to the public without spending too much time on unnecessary design and functionality. With an MVP for SaaS, you’re able to track user interactions more closely and gain more insight into what they truly want from your product or service. An MVP is an initial version of a new product that can be released to a small group of early adopters. The idea behind minimum viable products is that it allow entrepreneurs to test their SaaS product for relevance, as well as gain insights about user behavior. Through feedback gained from this SaaS testing process, entrepreneurs can then adjust their product before releasing it onto the larger market.

Wide Range of Custom SaaS Application Services We Offer

With a suite of sub-services encompassing custom SaaS application development, SaaS web development, SaaS product development, SaaS consulting, and SaaS testing services, we are committed to elevating your SaaS application journey to new heights.

Custom SaaS Application Development

Empower your business with tailored SaaS solutions designed to address your unique needs. Our custom SaaS application development services encompass a range of capabilities.

Key Features of Our Custom SaaS Application Development Services:

Strategic Planning
Agile Development Process
Feature-rich Solutions
Scalability and Performance
Migration and Integration

SaaS Web Development

Deliver captivating, responsive, and functional SaaS applications with our specialized web development services and rich experience in custom SaaS application development.

Key Features of Our SaaS Web Development Services

Responsive Design
Intuitive User Experience
Frontend Excellence
Cross-Browser Compatibility
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

SaaS Product Development

Transform your innovative ideas into robust SaaS products with our saas product development company’s comprehensive product development services. Benefit from our saas product development strategy & planning for long term, sustainable growth.

Key Features of Our SaaS Product Development Services

Concept Validation
Feature Expansion
Scalability and Reliability
Data Security and Compliance
Continuous Improvement

SaaS Consulting

 Leverage our SaaS consulting services to make informed decisions throughout your application's lifecycle

Key Features of Our SaaS Consulting Services

Business Analysis
Technology Recommendations
Monetization Strategies
Risk Mitigation
Innovation and Trends

SaaS Testing Services

 Ensure the quality and reliability of your SaaS applications with our comprehensive testing strategy and SaaS testing services. We have the right expertise and SaaS performance testing tools to execute the testing process faster and with precision.

Key Features of Our SaaS Testing Services

Quality Assurance
Performance Testing
Security Testing
Usability Testing
Continuous Testing
SaaS User Acceptance Testing

Akratech’s Custom SaaS Application Development Experience

Akra Tech is highly experienced in custom SaaS application design and development from the ground up. We have completed multiple SaaS Application development projects that helped our clients meet their business goals. Let's take a look at some of our recent successful projects –

checkbox Future Listing- Future listing App is related to Real Estate Application that gives information to users about which property to buy for a given locality. The application provides four categories of user types which are Admin, Realtor, Buyer, and Loan Officer.

Tech Stack – Python, Django, React , DocuSign , SendGrid

checkbox Whistleblower ApplicationWe have developed the Whistle Blower application which highlights what going wrong in the organization. The application carefully checks whether the facts are consistent before reporting. In this application, we have given access to see information reported only for three cadres of Authority they are Director, Manager, and Admin.

Tech Stack – PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Twilio, AWS Services

checkbox Forecast Application –  Forecast – “Built to simulate and forecast power markets", as the slogan tells this application holds information and insights about power generation and balancing authorities' operations. The application aims to provide more accurate forecasting of generation, load, and trade of power requirements." 

Tech Stack – Python, Flask, Streamlit, NumPy, Pandas, AWS Services, Tailwind CSS 

Student Counselling SaaS Applications

checkbox Student Counselling Portal -Our Student Counselling Portal provides counseling along with a 360-degree view of the students in your school community by utilizing both non-academic and academic data.

  • User Role Management
  • Share resources, services, and notes
  • Ability to download history
  • Track engagements through Mails and SMS
  • User Friendly and responsive interface
  • Resource Repository
  • Staff Collaboration

Tech Stack– PHP Laravel, VueJS, Twilio, MySQL, Charts.js

Student Counselling SaaS Applications

checkbox Zoho IntegrationOur Zoho integration will add email automation powers to your Zoho CRM. You can sync prospects, manage email cadences and push email responses. The e-commerce system is integrated with the ‘Zoho One’ Environment using ‘Extensions’.

Tech Stack – Zoho Sales, Zoho Inventory, Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice 

checkbox Gift PoolThe gift pool website is a concept that is aimed at helping users gift to their loved ones on special occasions with discounted rates on gift articles of their choice. The main purpose is for gifting online which could be household articles and electronic products via registered vendors and local distributors.

Tech Stack – PHP, CakePhp, MySQL, JQuery

SaaS MVP Development Within a Short Period

Discover how a team of world-class experts can help you develop your SaaS MVP, SaaS E-Commerce, SaaS CRM, and other SaaS products to bring explosive growth to your business.

Have a SaaS Project in Mind?

    Create SaaS Without Coding With Akratech

    Build custom SaaS applications faster by leveraging Akratech’s expertise in low-code and no-code tools. Speed up your MVP development process and create SaaS applications without having to code. With powerful no-code and low-code tools and platforms, Akratech can help you design and launch custom SaaS applications from scratch. Get your applications built faster and the way you want with tools powered with drag-and-drop functionality, visual interfaces, as well as pre-built components.

    Benefits Of SaaS Web & Mobile Applications

    Our SaaS web and mobile application offers a number of key benefits to your organization. It simplifies the process of creating, deploying, and managing your applications, providing cost savings and improved user experiences. The platform is also scalable, so you’ll be able to add features without any friction or costly downtime as your business grows. Additionally, our SaaS solutions make it easy to integrate with third-party services, giving you the ability to customize your app based on your own specific needs.

    Leverage automation to reduce the amount of time and resources needed for maintenance. Automation can improve customer satisfaction as well as ensure consistent delivery of services.

    checkbox Easy Customization

    checkbox Compatibility

    checkbox Cost-Effective

    checkbox Easier Administration

    checkbox Automatic Updates & Patch Management

    Technology Stack we use for SaaS Applications Development