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Are you looking for ways to stay competitive in the current business climate? Akratech CRM technology provides organizations with the insight and data needed to understand their customers and optimize sales.

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Our Customer relationship management (CRM) system helps manage your company's relationships and interactions with current and prospective customers. The purpose is straightforward: to strengthen commercial relationships. A CRM system assists businesses in staying connected to customers, streamlining procedures, and increasing profitability.

Customer Relationship Management

Build excellent customer relationships

Customer relationship management is critical for customer acquisition and retention, which is the primary goal of CRM operations. We assist our clients in accelerating their CRM transformation activities in order to grow sales, increase productivity, and improve customer service – all while lowering operational costs and shortening time-to-market.

Akra Tech CRM service assists you in focusing on your organization's relationships with individual people — such as customers, service users, or colleagues — all through your lifecycle, which includes customer acquisition, earning their business, and offering assistance and additional services throughout the relationship.

We offer services such as CRM To CRM data integration, CRM platform, CRM System, CRM Automation & Set-Up, CRM strategy and implementation, CRM Consulting, and many others.

Integrate Your Business Systems With Akratech CRM

Integrating all your business systems with the right CRM Platform can help your company reach new heights of efficiency. By connecting with marketing automation, analytics, and customer service tools, you can create a unified platform to target all areas of your business, while meeting customer needs quickly. Integration with the CRM system will give you an unparalleled level of control over processes, allowing you to make quicker decisions, reduce costs, attract more customers and retain existing customers more successfully.

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    A centralised CRM platform for client collaboration

    checkbox Reports that are simpler and more understandable

    checkbox Enhanced scalability

    checkbox Increased sales growth

    checkbox Greater transparency in work tasks

    checkbox Team performance that is more productive

    checkbox More effective communication with customers

    checkbox Improved cross-departmental collaboration

    checkbox More thoughtful and helpful audience targeting


    CRM Consulting

    • Business Process Analysis
    • Vision & Roadmap
    • Cloud Feasibility Assessment
    • Product Selection

    Implementation & Integration

    • Data Management
    • Integration
    • Mobile Enablement
    • Customization
    • Product Configuration


    • CRM version upgrade
    • On-premise CRM to cloud CRM
    • Legacy applications and CRM products

    Managed Services

    • Shared services
    • Ongoing suppor


    The e-commerce system is integrated with the ‘Zoho One’ Environment using ‘Extensions’. The various Finance Modules of Zoho, viz.  Zoho-Inventory, Zoho-Invoice & Zoho-Books, the Sales Modules of Zoho, viz. Zoho-CRM & Zoho-Analytics, and the Support Module of Zoho, Zoho-Desk, are integrated with the Client System using ‘OpenCart Zoho Connector’ using ‘API-Token’.

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    Integrate well with your CRM software systems

    What is CRM Software?

    Akratech Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a tool used to capture, store, and analyze customer data. Our CRM solutions are designed to help businesses understand their customers and build relationships with them. The data collected through Akratech CRM tools can provide valuable information such as purchasing histories, customer preferences, and buying habits. This data can be used to improve marketing campaigns and increase sales revenue.

    How to Choose the Right CRM Software

    Many businesses are turning to modern ground-breaking CRM software for their business needs. Making the right choice is absolutely essential, as the wrong decision could end up costing valuable time and resources. When choosing CRM software, the most important factor is to find one tailored to your business’s needs that can scale with your growth plans. Selecting a system that integrates with existing tools such as marketing automation, data analysis, customer experience dashboard and more is also crucial for maximum efficiency.

    Taking into consideration our Akratech CRM Solution will be the best tool for success.

    How much does CRM software cost?

    The cost of CRM software can vary depending on the features and support you're looking for. Generally, plans start at around $ 10 per user/month for basic packages and increase in price for more advanced features such as analytics and customizability.