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We use in-house web scraping – price crawling software to scrape competitors’ prices and other product data to feed to our powerful pricing engines.

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We have built in-house Web Scraping tools to scrape various data attributes including competitors’ prices and other product data to help in the analysis and development of required functionalities. 

Our data scraping model provides a dynamic, competitive analysis that has helped customers in taking collective business decisions. We use in-house price crawling software to scrape competitors’ prices and other product data to feed to our powerful pricing engines.

Our in-house crawling tool has been built using the ‘Web Crawling Framework’ using Python Scrapy. ‘Scrapy’ was used to extract the data across various websites with the help of selectors based on XPath. The in-house crawling tool can be customized completely as per the client’s requirement using ‘Python Script’.

We have set up crawlers such as extracting pricing data from E-commerce sites from specified or all categories depending on the requirement.

The crawled pricing data is cleaned up to remove unwanted attributes that find their way into the crawled data. Finally, we deliver clean data in the client’s preferred format.

Web Scraping
web scraping features


Checcked Can be used for brand monitoring

Checcked Sentiment analysis of data

Checcked Data reviews analysis

Checcked Analysis of data trends

Checcked Automated Updates on data attributes


We have optimized continuous crawling of pricing data that has helped in arriving at Optimal Prices using Machine Learning. The crawled pricing data continuously feeds into tools such as Tableau in providing a complete data visualization view of any given attribute through various charts and dashboards.

The data visualization has helped in giving various insights and data intelligence. Our data point analysis has helped clients in taking corrective actions such as fixing the optimal price of any given.

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    Web Scraping Frameworks We Use

    Pricing prediction

    We have built a pricing prediction tool with the help of python and machine learning which uses the ML model and classification techniques to predict price. This helps in predicting a price of a new product depending on the information. A user should enter the specific inputs to get the predicted price from the ML tool.

    We built this Pricing tool using Python and ML models. 


    checkbox Get quotation for each client

    checkbox Predict price of a new product

    checkbox Works with user inputs

    checkbox Customizable