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Forecast App
Forecast Application
Forecast – “Built to simulate and forecast power markets", as the slogan tells this application holds information and insights about power generation and balancing authorities' operations. The application aims to provide more accurate forecasting of generation, load, and trade of power requirements.
Whistleblower app
The Whistleblower application has been developed so as to keep track of what’s going wrong within an organization. The application carefully checks whether the facts are consistent before reporting a case. The main feature of the whistleblower app is that it has easy steps for registration for a new complaint.
GDPR Compliance Software
GDPR is the digitalization of Data Privacy processes and policies in a Web Application. We use a combination of modern frameworks to have responsive front-end talking to and Administration applications and give our users a helping hand in the jungle that is complying with the new GDPR laws.
Student Counselling Portal
Our Student Counselling Portal provides counseling 360-degree view of the students in your school community by utilizing both non-academic and academic data. The utilization of numerous data points to ensure parent engagement is multi-dimensional in order to paint a more accurate picture of interactions in your school community.
Delivery routing Application
We have been involved in building route optimization tool using proprietary ML Algorithms which uses Quantum computing technology to determine the most cost-efficient route when delivering. The algorithm takes customer orders and the required time window, available resources, road traffic, and operational constraints, to determine the best optimal routes and stopovers.
Whistleblower Mobile App
We have developed the Whistle Blower application which highlights what going wrong in the organization. The application carefully checks whether the facts are consistent before reporting. In this application, we have given access to see information reported only for three cadres of Authority - Director, Manager, and Admin.