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Forecast App
Forecast Application
Application built with Interactive Graphs & Charts and insights about power generation and balancing authorities’ operation which has been “Built to simulate and forecast power markets". The application aims to provide more accurate forecasting of generation, load, and trade of power requirements. The application has built-in scrapers which automates data crawling to leverage the power of quantum computing and AI.
Whistleblower app
An intelligence platform to seek information, evidence of misconduct or illegal activity occurring within an organization. The application has built in checks & process workflows before reporting a case. An exclusive triage process that connects all stakeholders within an organization. The application has integrated workflows based on various user roles such as Admin, Detector, Manager and Supervisor to handle actions based on cases registered.
GDPR Compliance Software
A Data Privacy and Security Compliance software to ensure 100% GDPR compliance with well integrated user workflows across Controllers & Joint Controllers, Data Protection Officer & Representatives. Application has built in data processes to handle end to end record processing, Impact Assessment, Contract Management, Custom Templates, Audit Reports and many more.
Student Counselling Portal
A SaaS application which brings a ALL in one solution involving digital tools, resources, and support for continuous (and easy) family, school, and community engagement. The Information and Referral Management online portal support engagement efforts and to keep you updated on Student's progress. The application was certified by NYCDOE Cloud Review & Compliance Board.
Delivery routing Application
An intelligent routing platform based on real-world data and quantum technology. The application will automate the route optimization of last-mile-delivery using machine learning and quantum algorithm. The algorithm takes customer orders and the required time window, available resources, road traffic, and operational constraints, to determine the best optimal routes and stopovers.
Whistleblower Mobile App
We have developed the Whistle Blower application which highlights what going wrong in the organization. The application carefully checks whether the facts are consistent before reporting. In this application, we have given access to see information reported only for three cadres of Authority - Director, Manager, and Admin.