Kids Story Writing Platform

Our Kids Story Writing Platform is a web app designed to offer children a fun and engaging way to boost their creativity and writing skills. With various features tailored specifically for elementary school students, this platform provides an ideal environment for young writers to flourish. Join our platform for kids to unleash their creativity through storytelling and enhance their learning experience!

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Develop your kids’ story writing skills with Storylane

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The Kids Story Writing Platform is a fantastic web app designed to spark creativity and enhance writing skills in children. With a variety of features tailored for elementary school students, one standout is WriteStories. This innovative platform allows kids to craft their own stories inspired by charming images, focusing on the joy of storytelling and unleashing their imagination. Safe, user-friendly, and ideal for improving writing skills, parents and teachers can easily track progress and provide feedback without any privacy concerns. With its innovative tools and resources, the Kids Story Writing Platform is bound to be a hit with both kids and parents.

kids story writing platform

We provide a story-writing platform that offers varieties of features

Our platform offers a wide range of interactive tools and resources to help children unleash their creativity and storytelling skills. From creating their characters and settings to developing plot twists and resolutions, kids will have the opportunity to explore their imagination in a fun and engaging way.
With our user-friendly interface and safe environment, parents and educators can feel confident in allowing their children to explore the world of storytelling. Sign up today and watch as your child’s storytelling abilities flourish and grow.

Storylane features
Storylane Features
  • Interactive dashboard for all user profiles – Parents, Teachers, and children.
  • Voice-to-text story feature for kids to easily write/orate their stories.
  • Explore a vast collection of books by accessing our library.
  • Kids create their narratives inspired by captivating images, fostering a love for storytelling.
  • Provide valuable feedback on the child’s stories to help improve their writing skills.
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  • Parents and teachers can stay informed about their children’s progress and receive updates on books and subscriptions.
  • Children can track progress with fun milestone stickers and an interactive journey to a magical castle.
  • Designed with children’s safety in mind, Storylane ensures a secure and easy-to-navigate experience.
Storylane Features

Guardian/Parent’s Module

Guardian's dashboard

Interactive Dashboard: Explore a wide array of books and receive real-time updates on your child’s progress.
Child Management: Add and manage multiple children, monitor their progress, and keep their information up-to-date.
Magical Link: Provide children with easy access to their accounts via a magic link.
Invitation Management: Send invites to collaborate on and oversee your child’s account.
Profile Settings: Customize your profile settings.

Guardian's dashboard
Teacher's dashboard
Teacher's dashboard

Notification: Stay informed about your child’s progress and receive updates on books and subscriptions.
Library Detail Page: Browse, preview, purchase, and assign books to your child’s dashboard.
Subscription Management: Manage your subscription plan and payments effortlessly.
Comment/Review: Provide feedback on your child’s stories to help them improve.

Teachers’ Module

Teacher's dashboard

Dashboard: View student activity, lists, and graphical progress representations.
Student Management: Add and organize students, monitor progress, and update information.
Class Management: Oversee class rosters and include students.
Assignment Management: Assign tasks to individual students or the entire class.
Profile Setting: Customize profile settings.
Comment/Review: Offer feedback to help children improve their writing.

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Children dashboard

Children’s Module

Children dashboard

Interactive Dashboard: Track progress with fun milestone stickers and an engaging interface.
Library: Explore, select, and start writing stories from a vast collection of books.
Write Stories: Encourage creativity by writing stories based on selected books.
Voice-to-Text: Use voice-to-text to seamlessly convert spoken words into written stories.