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We work to make sure your UI/UX design and development are impeccable. We work with wireframes to strengthen the development process. Wireframing is an essential step in the design process since it helps you to completely build the product's information hierarchy, making it easier to organize the entire layout according to the user's needs. 

What is wireframing?

A wireframe is a basic visual guide used to identify what content goes where in an interface. It is a low-fidelity representation typically created by sketching the page layout, functional elements, and navigation paths on paper or using storytelling tools such as Axure or Balsamiq. By making it easy to quickly structure information and generate higher-level ideas, wireframes can help speed up the design process while keeping costs to a minimum.

Wireframing is an essential step in the design process since it helps you to completely build the product's information hierarchy, making it easier to organize the entire layout according to the user's needs. 

Product Design Ideas

Wireframes are easier to adapt than a concept design

Product Design Ideas

Wireframes can save time and money when designing a web or app interface – find out why here! Discover the advantages of using wireframes over concept designs and how to make the most of them.

When it comes to designing a user interface for a website or app, wireframes can be an invaluable tool. Wireframes are simpler and less visually detailed than concept designs, making them faster to create and easier to modify as the project progresses. Learn more about why wireframes are preferred over concept designs and how to use them effectively in your next project.

Akra Tech web designers and graphic designers assist businesses in navigating all aspects of the digital landscape, including wireframing and interactive prototyping, in order to create experiences that provide measurable business outcomes. For your clients, your website is much more than just an online persona. It's your company's personality on display in front of a million people. Without any development or programming, we will assist you with sketching that idea in a functional and visually appealing manner. So you have time to make improvements before it goes live.   

To offer a high-level notion of Information Architecture and interaction design, Akra Tech teams employ conceptual wireframing. We have the experience, the personnel, and the outcomes to take your project from inception to completion.  

Wireframes are created by our team using tools and processes that enable short iteration cycles. It implies that we quickly design and test wireframes to confirm the direction before delving into the details, which takes time and effort. Collaboration with end users and customers is our preferred method of accomplishing this. 

benefits of wireframing

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Wireframes allow you to quickly lay down the structure of your page or app. You don't need to consider the detailed visual style or complex layout elements, allowing you to get a better idea of the core logic and features of the interface faster. This makes them far quicker to create than concept designs and allows for easier experimentation with different approaches as well.

what web designer will help you with

Checked A thorough grasp of your startup in order to showcase it to investors will save you 70% on development costs and significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on the project.

Checked You'll get a layout structure, interface elements, navigational flow, user journey, and more with the support of popular UI/UX tools.

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Wireframe development

Checked Conceptual (low fidelity) wireframing:  We will help to develop low fidelity wireframes which are the first visual representation of your product. It will guarantee that developers and clients have a clear grasp of the features and designs that the software must support.

Checked High-fidelity wireframing: High-fidelity wireframes require more effort to design, but they are beneficial in that they indicate how a product will seem after the project is completed. We use digital tools to create high-fidelity wireframes.

Our Web Designers offer various unique Wireframing Services

Checked User story mapping:  Our user story mapping service  will allow you to optimize a product or service that will allow development teams and product managers to better understand the customer journey and prioritize their work.

Checked User flows: We will help to create a user flow that lays out the user’s movement through the product, mapping out each and every step the user takes—from the entry point right through to the final interaction.

Checked Iterative testing: We can perform Iterative Testing by testing the product on users repeatedly, and by making use of the results after each test, this will help to improve the product at different stages.

Conceptual wireframing

Professional Wireframes & Prototypes Boost Your Development

Discover how working with a team of world-class experts in fields from UX to CloudOps to prime your business for explosive growth.

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    Common Features Typically Included in a Wireframe

    Wireframes typically contain common features such as layout, navigation, and user flow. They may also include annotations that provide additional information about the interface being developed. In addition, wireframes are often accompanied by a surrounding page of essential notes or instructions. This context helps to understand how the wireframe pages fit in with the overall product vision.

    How to Create an Effective Wireframe

    Creating an effective wireframe is all about approaching the design with a specific goal in mind. Before getting started, have a rough idea of the pages and features you’ll need to include as part of your interface, and think about how they will fit together for an intuitive user experience. Document any specific requirements that each page must contain throughout the design process, being sure that all elements are clearly visible and easily recognizable for users. Think about functionality, usability, responsiveness, and performance before committing your wireframe to code.

    When to Shift From Wireframe to Visual Design

    The transition from wireframe to visual design is often seen as a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you have created a successful wireframe that meets the desired user requirements and goals, it’s time to start adding some color and texture to your interface. Visual details bring the user experience alive – making features easier for users to understand and use. Consider introducing images, symbols, scalable vectors, gradients, font types, and sizes to create an engaging design with high-fidelity visuals that perfectly inform the user experience.

    Design Mockups

    Our first step in the mockup design process is to create a set of mockups, which are simply graphics that outline the feel and look of your product. The main goal of these mockups is to demonstrate to you how your product would look without actually developing it. We utilize mockups to communicate design ideas to you and as a draught to build your product before the final design is completed. We help create mockups that can easily help you bring your design to the next level by allowing the viewer to preview what it would look like in real life.

    Our mockups design include

    Checked We offer a large range of mockup models and templates from which clients can select the best one for their needs and preferences..

    Checked Because the website will load in seconds, our developed website prototype will be SEO-friendly and user-friendly. 

    Checked Clients will have the ability to work with our experienced web designers through Akra Tech's mockup design service.

    Mockup designs

    How will you benefit from our Mockup Services?

    Checked Our user interface mockups will tremendously assist you in making your product more effective.

    Checked Prior to adding code to your design, you'll gain confidence in it.

    Checked Our digital prototypes, which have been professionally produced, will encourage collaboration and communication.

    Checked You will be able to authenticate your designs using the appropriate tools.

    mockup design tools that we use

    Mockup tools

    prototypes design

    Turn Your Napkin Sketch into Physical Products with Akratech Prototyping Team

    Akra Tech web designers and graphic designers assist businesses in navigating all aspects of the digital landscape, including wireframing and interactive prototyping, in order to create experiences that provide measurable business outcomes. To turn your ideas into prototypes, we have some of the best engineers and designers on staff, as well as access to world-class manufacturing facilities. We adhere to established design standards, workflows, and rules, ensuring that you receive the product you require, delivered on time by competent designers

    Prototype Ideas


    Checked Communicating Ideas, Improving Designs, and Accelerating Innovation that suits your needs.

    Checked A flexible development methodology that enables us to create cutting-edge products.

    Our Prototyping Experts offer various prototype development services

    Checked Static Prototyping: Our Static prototype development services produce a sequence of static images that are arranged sequentially to help envision your product's flow and functions. A static prototype depicts the user journey visually.

    Checked Proof of Concept: We will assist with the development of a proof of concept (POC), which is a low-cost viability test of your fundamental product assumptions that reveal whether your idea can be achieved. A proof of concept also outlines and validates the product's functionalities, features, and integrations.

    Checked Clickable/Interactive Prototyping: Simply put, interactive prototypes are working versions of your website or application. Our UX architects create rapid interactive prototypes to help you discover how visitors traverse your site, how they consume information, and where you can better engage them.

    Prototyping Services
    Benefits of Prototyping Service

    How will you benefit from our Prototyping Services

    Checked With our product prototyping services, you may test the feasibility of your idea in a short amount of time.

    Checked Demonstrate a tangible product vision so that your stakeholders can engage with and buy into your concept.

    Checked With a convincing prototype that has been proven for the market and users, you may persuade potential investors to invest in your project.

    Checked Visualize the scope and requirements of your product so that you can properly budget and prepare for the future.

    prototype tools that we use