Data analytics


We have helped customers translate observations to shared knowledge and contribute to strategy on how to solve core business problems operating within a lot of algorithmic complexity.

We use raw data to build a predictive algorithm and use heuristics and quantitative technique in finding solutions to many business problems involve building analytic models. We carry rich experience in Predictive Modeling, Structural Equation Modeling, Survey designing, Data mining, Regression Analysis, Statistical Analysis Interpretations, Hypothesis Testing or Estimation

Cloud migration


As your committed cloud services partner we understand which applications is suitable for migration and to which type of Cloud – Public , Private and Hybrid, based on the sensitivity of information , app data and resources. We have expertise in Cloud migration, moving data, applications and we have helped our customers build applications on various cloud development platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud migration
Content management


We cover complete lifecycle of web content on portal providing simple tools to create, update, publish, manage and archive content, allowing multi-users to effectively contribute content and collaborate through the system.

Our experience in Content Management System facilitates the customer’s in creation, management, distribution, publishing and discovery of information through documents and web content management tools with workflow capabilities.



We help make a seamless transition with next generation mobility devices and on-the-go solutions. We bring in increased collaboration and deepen customer relationships by providing true business mobility through new devices that leverage the power of software, services, and solutions. 

With Mobility changing the way we work teams are using many devices and operating systems, including personal devices, which are difficult to manage and secure.

Project management


We help organizations respond to project needs that cannot be addressed by normal operations by providing unique services in Program & Project Management and PMO services. Our Project Management Services involves managing three (Scope, Schedule & Cost) interdependent parameters which are like three sides of a triangle, all of these either remain fixed together or if one of the parameter changes then any of the other two or both the other two parameters also changes.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We help our customers advertise via digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. covering wide range of marketing activities. We always follow the best practices through our rich expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) which is to optimize content, setup technically, build the right set of keywords to ensure top of search engine results. We help define your digital marketing strategy by setting up  Google Analytic goals and improve Google Adwords ranking

Digital Marketing

We would like to serve you through our matured service models which ensure best quality and minimal cost to our customers. Our talent team of certified & experienced resources work on behalf of the client as we believe there can't be any better way to understand than putting ourselves in customers shoes

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