Management Consulting

We help organizations respond to project needs by providing unique services in Program
& Management Consulting and PMO services which otherwise cannot be managed by normal operations 

Get Unique Management Cosulting Services with Akra Tech

For companies, our Management Consultants handle big, cumbersome, intricate challenges. Professional Experts from Akra Tech & Management Consultants can provide solutions & strategies to help your organization enhance financial & operational health.

The Management Consulting Services provided by Akra Tech is focused on assisting your firm in prioritizing & executing strategic projects in order to improve business efficiency & effectiveness. Our Consultants collaborate with your team to develop complete Business Solutions for your company's key Challenges. Our Management Consultants take the time to learn about your current situation & long-term objectives, allowing us to assist you in bridging the gap, developing roadmaps, and positioning your company for industry leadership & scalable growth. Simply said, Management Consulting is the process of assisting firms in improving their performance.

Our Management Consultants offers various unique Management Consulting Services

Change Management

Akra Tech focuses on your Business, providing effective techniques to manage your Firm as it goes through a significant change. Our change management services will assist you, in establishing a strategic groundwork, and in guiding your most difficult Enterprise Program & Project-level Personnel Transformations. We believe in strict adherence to change management procedures for the success of the Project.

Change Management
Risk Management

Risk Management

We have vast expertise and experience dealing with huge and complicated Risks. This enables us to support your day-to-day Risk Management activities, and assist you in meeting your Business Goals & Requirements. On Risk Management we have supported Programs & Projects with the creation, updation, and monitoring of the Project Risk & Issue Log. Facilitate the identification, analysis, and Mitigation of Project Risks & Issues. Regular review of the Risk & Issue Log.

Data Management, Analytics, and Business Insights

Our data management and analytics capabilities, as well as our research skills, bring Contexts & Data together to provide relevant Business Insights. We recognize that each firm has unique Data Requirements. As a result, we personalize our insights offerings to help our clients achieve their objectives. We can assist you in translating your business goals into an executable roadmap, whether you are at the beginning of your data insights journey or attempting to progress to the next level. We offer Marketing Analytics, Customer Analytics, Research Analytics, Sales Analytics, and other Data Analytics Services under one umbrella.

Data Management, Analytics, and Business Insights
Customer and User Engagement

Customer and User Engagement

Today's empowered Customers & Users expect more than just a great product or a low price; they anticipate seamless, omnichannel experiences that provide them with ‘what they want’ & ‘when they want it’. Our technologically enabled, engaged, and empowered Workforce provides Worldwide Customer Engagement in a seamless & dependable manner. We drive measurably improved CX by leveraging Technology across Our Services.

Get Management Consulting Services for your Software and Mobile Apps that Matter.

Discover how working with a team of world-class experts in fields from CTO to Project Managers helps to prime your business for explosive growth.

Have A Project in Mind?

    Business Process Improvement/Automation

    Our BPA services focus on decreasing the Risks of mission-critical core Business Processes in today's relationship-centric and rapidly changing Business Environment. Our BPA services seek to simplify and improve Company Operations as well as automate Business Procedures.

    Business Process Automation
    Customer Relationship Management

    Customer Relationship Management

    Customer Relationship Management is critical for Customer Acquisition & Retention, which is the primary goal of CRM Operations. We assist our clients in accelerating their CRM Transformation activities in order to grow Sales, Increase Productivity, and Improve Customer Service – all while lowering Operational Costs and shortening Time-to-Market.

    Operational Efficiency/Process Improvement

    Akra Tech can assist in streamlining Procedures, increasing Operational Efficiency, and driving major improvements in Service Effectiveness. Furthermore, we can create a Framework for Service Excellence that will enable ongoing improvement and Service Effectiveness measurement. We lay the groundwork for dependable, efficient Procedures while cultivating a culture of Continual Development. Our Solutions include People at all levels of a Business in order to create Continual, Long-term Improvements.

    Operational Efficiency

    Management Consulting Framework we use

    There are a variety of critical, robust Frameworks that are in use in AKRA TECH, including –

    • SWOT
    • Porter’s Five Forces:
    • The 4 Ps
    • The 3 Cs
    • The McKinsey 7-S

    These Services will aid your Company in identifying Areas for Improvement, as well as providing the Best Solutions for your Resources and Capabilities. Our Solutions enable your Resources to produce Value that is aligned with the Aims and Objectives of Your Organization.

    Though as a Company, even if You don't have a Big-Business Environment, We shall fulfill all Your Business Needs by means of Our Business Collaboration with Your Organization. As a Management Consultancy, We shall address all your employee's business concerns and shall provide the Personalized Customer Service and Support, What they deserve. We Collaborate closely with Our Clients to solve complicated Tech-Business Problems, complete Specific Projects, and Improve the Overall Performance of their Products.

    Management Consulting Tools we use