Our services focus on streamlining the development and deployment processes around the DevOps ToolChain, Enterprise Tooling, Deployment Architecture, and Container Strategy.

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DevOps is more than a buzzword for us. We are focused on maximizing developers' time while minimizing the time they’re spending on the delivery pipeline, increasing the application velocity and thereby, enabling them to provide new features to customers quicker.

This, in turn, fosters a DevOps culture and drives more innovation, which improves our Customer’s experience. To this end, we have developed an engagement model that allows us to deliver the highest-value services to our customers.

DevOps Service
Cloud migration

devops - ci /cd Framework

Cloud migration

Akratech Cloud Solutions is a leading expert in the DevOps enterprise and an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS. AWS is all we do and our business is built around the AWS platform. Whether you need to establish a green-field AWS infrastructure environment, build Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes, or establish mature operational automation of your environment, Akratech’s team of deeply experienced, AWS-certified engineers and architects can help you build DevOps capabilities.

Our Experience with DevOps

Cloud migration

We have successfully developed and implemented an LMS Application which has been approved by NYC DOE. Our team has ensured that we meet all of the compliance requirements laid out in order to gain this approval, which includes AWS Audit, Security Review, Cloud Migration, and DevOps implementations.

To get this approval we have streamlined the following –

Checked We have used IAC (Infrastructure As Code) tools such as Terraform to create the infrastructure of different environments and resources required for our LMS application.

Checked We have created the CICD (continuous integration and continuous deployment) pipeline using GITHUB, Code Build, Code Deploy, and Code Pipeline.

Checked We have also used AWS system manager parameter store, SSM automation, and event bridge rules to create a CICD pipeline.

GitHub to store our source code

Checked CODEBUILD to pull the code from the GitHub repository, compile the source code, run tests, and produce a ready to deploy packages.

Checked CODEDEPLOY to automatically deploy the ready-to-deploy packages from the code build on the specified EC2 instances in the deployments group.

Checked CODEPIPELINE is used to integrate the GitHub, code build, and code deploy as a pipeline and automate this process.

Cloud migration

DevOps ToolChain

Our services focus on streamlining the development and deployment processes around the DevOps ToolChain, Enterprise Tooling, Deployment Architecture, and Container Strategy.

AWS Cloud and DevOps

We combine our breadth of knowledge in native AWS cloud and DevOps services with a variety of tools to create a cohesive and automated solution, ultimately driving business value

DevOps & CI/CD Services: Monitor, Automate & Streamline

Discover how working with a team of world-class experts in fields from UX to CloudOps to prime your business for explosive growth.

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    Continuous Integration

    Akra Tech can assist your team in implementing continuous integration into your delivery processes so that they can identify problems earlier, deliver faster, and focus much more of their efforts on new digital advancements.

    Agile development

    Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you accelerate your Continuous Integration solutions. We've worked with some of the world's most prestigious companies to help them automate their build process, apply sound design principles, promote cross-functional visibility, and find the best infrastructure and tools for their environment and company. 

    Akra Tech has extensive expertise in designing and delivering CI/CD services for every stage of the SDLC, from Proof of Concept development to product release, enterprise scaling, and managing complex multi-cloud infrastructures.

    Our DevOps experts offers continuous integration as a service

    Checked Automated Testing: Our automated testing services include test automation planning, tools selection, test environment setup, test data preparation, test script development and maintenance, and test reporting.

    Checked Build Automation: We can assist you to build automation systems that take developer commits, add them to an existing codebase, and quickly build a software system that can be tested and deployed to production when ready.

    Checked Deployment Automation: Our automated deployment services enable applications to be deployed across the various development environments. As a result of these capabilities, deployments are more efficient, dependable, and predictable.

    Continuous Integration Service
    CI Services

    Reason for choosing us as your devops experts

    CI Services

    Checked Our experts will help you in selecting and finalizing the appropriate tools for your environment, as well as integrating them into your process. We can help you create a welcoming environment.

    Checked Our automation-first approach forces us to concentrate on continuous automation and monitoring throughout the lifecycle of an app, from development to deployment.

    Checked We help your teams integrate CI into their delivery processes so they can focus more on digital innovation, develop faster, and deliver better results.

    tools for continuous integration

    CD Tools

    Continuous Delivery

    Akra Tech can help your Company make Continuous Delivery a key part of your agile and DevOps Strategy so that production-ready code can be brought to market faster, more effectively, and with less risk.

    Akra Tech teams can help any organization's continuous delivery strategies succeed. 

    In most of our testing methods, we have integrated Continuous Delivery practices. This helps us to provide on-time, high-quality user experiences in accordance with market and customer requirements.

    Our CI/CD professionals work collaboratively with you to provide comprehensive CI/CD and DevOps services that guarantee your CI/CD pipelines are automated and well-supported, and your organization becomes more flexible and innovative.

    Continuous Delivery

    CD Tasks we Perform

    Continuous Delivery

    Services of Continuous Delivery using the most recent digital technologies.

    It's made possible by the development pipeline, which includes three essential elements: visibility – of all aspects of the delivery system for all team members to encourage cooperation, fast feedback – for quick problem resolution, and continuous deployment – via a completely automated process.

    By implementing Continuous Delivery, our development team will:

    • Reduce the time it takes to deliver and release software to clients.
    • Improve quality by testing more frequently and early.

    Our DevOps Experts will help you with

    CD Service

    Checked Plan your journey to Continuous Delivery

    Checked Assess your current Continuous Delivery capabilities and make a roadmap

    Checked Tackle technology and culture challenges

    Checked Implement best practices for collaboration, agility, and automation

    Checked Pick the right tools for your team

    Checked Implement automated pipelines, quality gates, and technical excellence

    CD Service
    CD Specialist

    Our DevOps Experts offer various unique CD Services

    CD Specialist

    Checked Readymade reference app pipelines 

    Checked CD Process, Design, Architecture Artifact Templates

    Checked Testing Frameworks for CD Pipelines

    Checked CD Tool Integration Expertise

    Checked CI/CD Jump Start Program

    tools for continuous delivery

    CD Tools

    We revel in an environment of open collaboration as we partner with the client to create complete ecosystems of connected experiences. Our creative minds and technical proficiency are our primary engines as we map out your stated and implied needs to deliver agile, functional and aesthetic solutions.

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