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Akratech is an expert LMS development company that builds custom learning management systems for small businesses as well as established enterprises.

Our team of developers works tirelessly to build a comprehensive. eLearning system for your organization from the ground up. We always evaluate and develop the learning management system software we build based on our client’s goals and business requirements.

Leveraging our years of experience, we have built multiple educational solutions that support immersive learning. Our platform enables educational communities at large to enhance collaboration, research, and teaching. We help bring continuous e-learning experiences aimed towards nurturing talent, increased skill development, and more engaged learning among students.

Together, let us build a robust online training solution for your company, clients, students, and staff that will be delivered through simple, scalable, & high performance learning management systems.


Organizations, trainers, and students worldwide appreciate our online learning solutions because of its efficiency, features, scalability and performance. Our cost-effective learning management systems for teachers, students, and organizations is designed while considering the needs of all its users.

Atlearn - Our Powerful Learning Management System

Atlearn is a robust e-learning solution designed to help schools, colleges, training institutes, and organizations establish a collaborative e-learning environment. The solution is powered with necessary features like Student Data Management, Messaging, Notification, Student Monitoring, Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics.

AKRAED is an efficient smart class management tool suitable for schools, colleges, and organizations alike. Some other key features include online whiteboards, assessments, certification, calendars, screen sharing, recording, and tools for collaboration.

Atlearn - A Smart Class Management Tool

Farlanes is a user-friendly online classroom mobile app. It is an efficient e-learning app built for iOS & Android devices where users can set-up and attend self-paced online sessions. The sessions can be attended by learners using their tablets or smartphones.
Some of the most interesting and helpful features of our app include secure streaming, cross-format compatibility, notifications,updates, real-time messaging and collaboration, and live class features. It also has tools like polls, surveys, server-side recording, video conferencing, screen sharing, whiteboard, and live streaming.

We are an experienced LMS development company that offers custom eLearning course development services that will help your organization’s learning curve. Our E-Learning Portal provides a platform to anyone who has a keen interest in participating, contributing, and promoting e-learning and development.

We have a team of LMS developers working to build a comprehensive eLearning system from the ground up. We always evaluate our learning and development programs based on the outcomes.

Our platform enables educational communities at large to enhance collaboration, research, and teaching. We help bring continuous e-learning experiences aimed to nurture talent, skill development, and learning among students.

Best E-Learning Portal using LMS

checkbox Best Online training for your partners, clients, and staff is now available on a feature-rich user-friendly LMS.

checkbox Trainers and students adore our learning management system and it has all the features you are looking for.

checkbox Our LMS is excellent for new purchasers as well. A cost-effective E-Learning platform designed to start small and expand in response to your demands.


checkbox Complete Course Management

checkbox Student Learning & Profile Management

checkbox Online Whiteboard for Explanations

checkbox Course Calendars

checkbox Tracking and Reporting

checkbox Tools for Assessments

checkbox Multi-Channel Access

Features of LMS

By getting your educational learning solution with a variety of interesting features built by Akratech, you make sure that your students or staff get access to an interactive system that will increase learning retention and adoption.

Our objective is to help learners to learn and share, at the same time upgrade their existing skills and capabilities through effective engaging training and skill development sessions. The training content we design does not only to help individuals improve their skills but also to enhance their performance at the workplace. Training and development are closely connected and we help bring in a holistic approach that is tailored to meet customized goals.

Our web-based online learning platforms encompass all the features of a collaborative learning environment as follows.

E-Learning E-Classroom in LMS


checkbox Course Creation

checkbox Student Management

checkbox SCORM Compliant Courses

checkbox Tracking Course Progress

checkbox Course activities

checkbox Assignments & Workshop

checkbox Online Quiz, Model Tests

checkbox Forums, Chat, etc.

checkbox Grade management

checkbox Online Teaching

E-Learning E-Classroom in LMS


checkbox Video Conferencing

checkbox Interactive live Whiteboard

checkbox Classroom screen sharing

checkbox Application Sharing

checkbox Create Individual Poll & Survey

checkbox Public & Private Student Chat Window

Collaborate using our LMS Features
Collaborate using our LMS Features

Online Classroom Collaboration Tools

checkbox Multi-threaded discussions, Chat

checkbox News & Announcements

checkbox Calendar Sharing

checkbox Online assessment – Tests, quizzes, problem sets

checkbox Test Results – Scores & Grades

checkbox Analysis – Graphs & Statistics

Collaborate using our LMS Features

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    Content & Resources in LMS


    checkbox Support for web research and work-groups

    checkbox Publish Articles, Whitepapers, and Blogs

    checkbox Manage all Resources related to STEM

    checkbox Academic Writing and Proofreading

    checkbox SEO-aligned Content Writing

    checkbox Journal Publications and Research

    Content & Resources

    LMS Consulting Services

    checkbox LMS Development Consulting

    checkbox E-Learning Courses

    checkbox Custom eLearning

    checkbox Mobile Learning

    checkbox Responsive LMS

    checkbox Live Chat Option LMS

    checkbox Gamified LMS

    checkbox Scenario-Based LMS


    Personalized Learning Pathways

    It can be difficult to manage many students and online courses in an LMS.
    In order to assist learners to grasp a particular topic or training program, personalized learning paths make the journey easier for both administrators and learners.

    We help learners assess themselves by appearing for online tests on the subject of their choice. They can make use of the large question bank we have to offer to help them cover all topic areas for the respective subject. They can also create quizzes for a specific student or group.


    Our online quiz helps learners enhance their knowledge and check their skill set on a particular subject. We also encourage students to participate in our interactive educational games which help to improve one’s IQ and increase student engagement. The skills assessment feature in our LMS Dashboard is aimed to encourage students to check and improve their performance and confidence in their respective subjects. Parents and teachers can create a personalized learning path using LMS assessment results

    Surveys To Get To Know Your Students

    We have developed an online survey for parents and students to understand and analyze the problems they face on a daily basis. This survey questionnaire feature in our LMS helps them find apt solutions to these identified problems. Students & parents can also share any positive event/idea that has recently influenced their lives. The questionnaire has been framed in such a way that both opportunities & threats can be addressed. We truly help to create an active online learning community.

    Learning Management System Apps Consulting Services

    We also offer development and consultancy services in LMS and E-learning. We help businesses and educational institutions analyze the current competencies and help them bridge the gap using the latest technology. Our expert LMS developers build LMS apps & solutions and help you with learning management system integrations. They combine training and learning in specialized areas of competencies as part of a competency management strategy.

    We also offer to build learning content to improve your existing LMS and e-learning programs. You can Leverage our LMS development services for continuous LMS improvement and performance enhancement of your existing solution. We use tools and techniques taking into account past experiences and best practices to access and improve your LMS solution.

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