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Keeping websites, mobile apps and hybrid systems up-to-date is essential for providing the best user experience. Testing is an important part of this process and can help detect errors or issues early on. Akratech provides you with different types of testing available for web, mobile, iOS, and hybrid systems.

Web Testing with Professionals

Akratech provides web testing services that give you access to a dedicated team, who can conduct manual and automated tests covering usability, performance, accessibility, and more. Our web testers have years of experience in different domains, providing reliable, top-level service for all your web application needs.

Our Web Testing Features:

checkbox Manual & automated testing

checkbox Usability & accessibility test coverage

checkbox Performance tests ensure fast speed & high-quality results

checkbox Security testing to identify potential threats or vulnerabilities


Mobile Testing with Professionals

Akratech offers comprehensive mobile testing services for mobile apps, mobile websites, and other web-based applications that ensure the ultimate user experience. Our experts use accurate and efficient automated testing tools to cover the entire scope of your product testing needs. We provide end-to-end mobile testing services through manual or automated tests across various devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android, etc.

Our Mobile Testing Features:

checkbox Automated & manual test execution

checkbox Comprehensive coverage & test design

checkbox Customized to different devices & operating systems

checkbox Integration with existing test suites

iOS Testing with Professionals

Akratech provides iOS testing services that cover the full range of device coverage, from iPhone and iPad to Apple Watch and all other Apple devices. Our team of experts offers quick progress and feedback for all types of apps, as well as tailor-made solutions according to your requirements.

Our iOS Testing Features:

checkbox Comprehensive test coverage of all iOS devices

checkbox Manual testing to ensure accuracy in all areas

checkbox Automated testing for rapid turnaround

checkbox Quality assurance reports delivered on a regular basis

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Hybrid Testing with Professionals

Akratech offers Hybrid testing services to help ensure that applications and websites perform seamlessly across different operating systems, platforms, and browsers. This approach involves a combination of automated and manual testing, with experienced testers manually picking up where automation left off to identify potential defects. Along with writing test cases, executing tests, and documenting the results, our Hybrid testers provide regular updates throughout the process.

Our Hybrid Testing Features:

  • Automation & Manual Testing
  • Cross Platform/Browser Testing
  • Test Case Writing & Execution
  • Documentation of Test Results

The Benefits of Professional Testing

Professional web, mobile, iOS and hybrid testing comes with many advantages. It allows you to identify any bugs, errors or vulnerabilities that can cause your system to fail. This ensures that the quality of your product is of the highest level possible and makes it easier for you to update and change your site according to customer feedback without fearing any issues occurring because of it. Additionally, professional testing helps create a better user experience as visitors have a smooth and trouble-free time when using your product.

Akratech’s Professional Testing services guarantee top-notch performance and security of your website, mobile app, and more. Our team of experienced testers has expertise in web applications, mobile applications, iOS app testing, database testing, and hybrid application testing. Our professional testing process includes validation checks for usability, compatibility, resiliency, and scalability; as well as deployment assessment to ensure that the application is ready for the production environment.

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checkbox Complete Integration & Functional Testing

checkbox Usability Testing

checkbox Compatibility Testing

checkbox Interoperability Testing

checkbox Performance & Load Testing

checkbox Security & Vulnerability Testing


checkbox Get your project off the ground – faster: Professional Testing helps make sure that any bugs, errors, or vulnerabilities are quickly identified and corrected before they become an issue.

checkbox Get increased reliability throughout deployment: Test times focus on key factors that can break any product such as usability analysis and system resiliency test cases. 

checkbox Enjoy increased customer satisfaction & trust: Professional Processes guarantee optimum performance on launch with bug-free software that customers can rely on.

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    Different Types of Testing to Choose From

    Professional web, mobile, iOS, and hybrid testing provides various methods of testing that offer different levels of assessment to guarantee all components work correctly. These can range from unit testing, which tests individual functions within a program, to system integration tests which check whether the various elements in a system function properly together. You also need Smoke Testing, Regression Testing, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure everything is running as expected.

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    Best Practices for Web, Mobile, and iOS Development

    Building secure and reliable web, mobile and hybrid applications require strict attention to detail. The proper implementation of code practices helps ensure the highest quality software products are built for a range of platforms.

    Akratech offers a definitive resource on best practices for web, mobile, and iOS development. Our comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions and detailed descriptions of development life cycles while addressing the most common pitfalls of application architecture such as security, performance, scalability, and cross-platform compatibility. With this program, our team offers the highest industry standard of web, mobile, and iOS application development. This includes setting up automated tests to quickly identify any issues that could potentially occur when running the application in production. Additionally, establishing security practices early on helps developers deploy secure applications that are resilient to malicious attacks or other vulnerabilities.


    checkbox Security protocols such as two-factor authentication and encryption standards are clearly outlined

    checkbox Performance standards such as code optimization, memory leakages tracking, whiteboard coding practice, etc

    Akratech Best Practices Benefits:

    checkbox Achieve superior user experience with optimized mobile apps that performs better than the competition

    checkbox Boost productivity with reliable coding practices from Akratech's extensive best practices library

    checkbox Reduce development time and optimize costs by leveraging robust best practices

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    Automating Your Tests with Tools

    Professional testing involves the use of tools and frameworks to automate a range of tests such as unit, integration, and regression tests. Automating tests ensures that your application is constantly checked for any bugs or potential vulnerabilities. For web applications, the Selenium framework can be used to execute UI testing across multiple browsers automatically and quickly identify any issues. For mobile applications, services such as Appium are used to execute functional tests on iOS and Android devices, while tools like Firebase can be used to test hybrid applications.

    Read more about our experience with Automation Testing here.

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