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Through our support & maintenance services, we excel at improving your business’s important applications for usability, stability, and longevity.

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We Support & maintain priority in fixing bug, technical investigations, and request change for your software throughout its life

support & maintenance services

Through its application (or website) support & maintenance services, AKRA TECH excels at improving your business’s important applications for usability, stability, and longevity. The lifespan of our application (or website) maintenance process comprises services for everything from bug fixes to difficult issues.

Technology updates and upgrades, as well as changes in your organization, can cause your software application to stop working as well as it previously did. As a result, it’s critical that your software is kept up-to-date and supported so that your users may continue to benefit from its features. We don’t just provide assistance and maintenance with the help of our skilled team of specialists; we do so correctly. We make changes to your application programs and website to satisfy changing information needs, such as adding new features, repairing bugs, or adapting the software to new hardware devices.

Our Support Maintenance Experts offer various unique Services

  • Bug Fixing and Enhancements
  • UI enhancement
  • Complete testing support
  • Code Optimization 
  • Speed Optimization 
  • Security Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance

How will you benefit with our Maintenance Services

benefits of our support & maintenance

check Your project will be handled by a highly competent, experienced, and well-trained workforce. Procedures for maintenance releases have been well-established.

check Based on the findings of our Business Analysts‘ multi-faceted analysis, seamless integration with your organization’s existing technical processes.

check Processes for providing maintenance and support services for diverse third-party systems that are mature.

benefits of our support & maintenance

Bug Fix Assistance

Website, web app, or mobile application maintenance is a process of modifying a product after delivery in order to correct faults, enhance functionality, or simply adapt the product to a modified environment.

website improvements

Our team follows testing protocols and employs software quality metrics at each level of development to measure software quality and decrease defects and problems during the build process to ensure our software is of the highest quality. AKRA TECH offers a variety of bug fixing and maintenance services to ensure that the provided website or application functions smoothly and according to the client's specifications.

IT Support & Maintenance Services That Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

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    Our QA Experts offer various unique Bug Fixing Services

    Bug Fixes Services

    Checked Bug reporting

    Checked Bug fixing and enhancement

    Checked Security maintenance

    Checked Debugging

    Checked Fix problems fast

    Bug Fixes Services
    Benefits of bug fixes

    How will you benefit with our Bug Fixing Services

    Benefits of bug fixes

    Checked Better customer experience

    Checked Expert Support

    Checked Prevention from system problems

    Checked Secure website      

    tracking bug and bug fixing tools

    bux fixing tools