Product Management

We help organizations respond to project needs by providing unique services in Program & Product Management and PMO services which otherwise cannot be managed by normal operations.

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Why is product management so important

Product Management

Our Product management services are essential for creating amazing products. Our Product Managers are experts in all the components such as Engineering, research, marketing, and project management.

Our Product Managers can assist you in accomplishing an end-to-end transition that will allow you to – 

checkbox Recreate your offering based on a comprehensive knowledge of your client's unmet needs.

checkbox Work across corporate boundaries to efficiently leverage your people and intellectual property.

checkbox Use test-and-learn methods to enhance innovation and reduce time-to-market.

checkbox Install a closed-loop system to track and enhance all aspects of the client experience.

Product Management

Collaboration in project management

We collaborate with you to build a world-class product management aptitude, from strategic planning and portfolio management to agile, front-line execution. Our Experts employ product management methodologies on every project to guarantee your company's success. We collaborate with you to elicit what stakeholders believe they require, but we dig deeper to determine which requirements will truly offer the most value.

Our product managers have on-boarded and managed teams driving products for clients across various regions ensuring an end to end development services from inception to maintenance & support. They have been involved in developing, implementing & evaluating solutions and frameworks within various products and adhering to product management using Agile development.  Our product management experts can manage and lead complex matrixed teams and ensure timely delivery within defined budgets.

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    Our Product Managers offers various unique Product Management Services

    Product Management Services

    Akra Tech is highly experienced in designing, developing, and deploying SaaS Applications from the ground up. We have completed multiple SaaS Application development with the highest success rate. Let's take a look at some of our recent successful projects –

    checkbox Product Envisioning

    checkbox Market and Competitor Analysis

    checkbox Design and Execute MVP Experiment

    checkbox Instill Agile Mindset

    checkbox Customer Discovery and User Persona Development

    checkbox Wireframing to Prototyping

    checkbox Customer promotion Score Management

    checkbox Build campaigns for customer activation

    checkbox Design customer retention campaigns

    Product Management Services

    product management tools and methods

    Product Management Tools