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Requirement Gathering In Business Analysis

Effective Requirement Gathering is one of the most important aspects of any project, and it adds value on Multiple Levels. When working with tighter Deadlines, lesser Budgets, and limited Scopes, meticulous Documenting of all Project Requirements becomes Critical.

We shall help you to understand, what you are trying to build & why you are building it, by gathering the requirements for the Project. Effective Requirements gathering can aid in the success of your project. We wish to assist you in taking control of all parts of Your Requirements. At Akra Tech, We strive to deliver the greatest Requirement Gathering techniques possible by incorporating a number of cutting-edge features.

Requirement Gathering

Business Analysis Questions we will Answer

Requirement Gathering

checkbox How long will your Project Schedule be?

checkbox Who will be involved in the Project?

checkbox What Risks you may face in Your Project?

These features include but are not limited to, a customizable Requirements Hierarchy, full support for Agile & Other Methodologies, and complete Test & Bug Traceability.

Requirement Gathering Services we offer for Business Analysis

Functional Requirements:  We help to create a Functional Requirements Document that outlines the functions required to achieve your business needs. The document will enlist the technical functionalities required for the successful delivery of your software/product.

Non-Functional Requirements: Non-functional requirements define and specify the system’s operation. We will help you gather requirements such as Performance, Scalability, Capacity, Availability, Reliability, Data Integrity, Usability, Security, etc.

Business Requirements: We will help to develop Business Requirements Documents for the software development life cycle that deals with your organization’s requirements or wants, which will allow your business to achieve its end objectives, vision, and goals.

Business Requirements

Other requirements we can help with – Design Requirements, System Requirements, Interface Requirements, and Future Requirements.

Benefits of using our requirements gathering Services?

How will you benefit by approaching us for an Effective Requirement Gathering?

checkbox Your company will benefit from having a guide on hand to assist you in making the best option, identifying any potential issues, and assisting you in getting the most out of your new system with our top-notch Business Analysis Strategies.

checkbox An independent business analyst’s new perspective will be beneficial to your company.

checkbox Unbiased, objective advice will help your company.

checkbox Gathering requirements is a time-consuming process. You save time by delegating the hard work to us.

tools used for requirements gathering

Requirement Gathering Tools

Making Applications Stand Out with our Business Analysis Strategies.

Discover how working with a team of world-class experts in fields of Business Analysis  & Requirement Gathering helps prime your business for explosive growth.

Have a Requirement & Business Analysis Service Project in Mind?


    We use a best-of-breed process methodologies, industry best practices, and deep domain knowledge to ensure that your project teams are solving the right problems and delivering the situations that provide real business value. 

    By Creating defined Goals and identifying Software Needs, the Business Analysts (BA) use Industry-Specific approaches to find underserved Market Groups, reveal Commercial Opportunities, and bridge Gaps between the Stakeholders and the Development Team.  

    Business Analysis Approach

    Our team serves you to deliver consistently predictable project results with Business Analysis Services that help you capture the requirements accurately the first time – and boost productivity with deeper domain knowledge.

    Our Professionals use the best Business Analysis Strategies and work closely with all Stakeholders to identify Goals, develop Best Practices for Data Collection, and analyze Current Processes to determine what can be improved to achieve the Desired Outcome. Our Professionals will develop Business Requirements Documents as well as do a review of Competitors to bring success to Your Organization. This will also include forming a Business Plan including Competitors Analysis, current & future Business Needs, Financial Analysis, and Possible Solutions.

    Our Business Analysts shall aid in Efficiency Improvement by identifying Areas for Improvement, reinforcing procedures where Appropriate, and conveying results to those with whom they work closely at all levels of an Organizational Structure.

    business analysis new product development approach

    checkbox Initiation and Planning

    checkbox Requirements and Analysis

    checkbox Design & Development

    checkbox Testing

    checkbox Deployment and Maintenance

    Our Business Analysts offer various unique Business Analysis Services

    Business Analysis Services

    Checked Project/Software Discovery: We believe that the Service during the Software Discovery phase is linked with Project’s Success. It’s the First Step towards creating a Product Architecture, lowering Development Expenses, and also creating a clear, concise Product Development Plan. When you desire, Our Professionals can conduct Qualitative and Technical Research to-

    1. Improve an existing Software
    2. Create an Application from the ground up.
    3. Recreate an Application using an Old Codebase

    Checked Requirements Management: Akra Tech’s Requirements Management Team can be employed as a Full-Time, Part-Time, or Dedicated Resource to manage the fulfillment of Requirements throughout your Project. Our Requirements Managers shall Collaborate with the Project Manager, Stakeholders, and the Project Team to ensure that the Requirements (including the Software and Systems Designed / Integrated / Implemented) are in line with your Business Requirements.

    Business Analysis Services
    Types of Business Analysis Services

    Checked Software Audit: We can Assess any System or Application built by Our Clients or Other Firms using IT Audit Software. This Service assists in identifying Weaknesses and Risks, locating Software Faults, and providing Improvement Suggestions. 

    We provide Professional Evaluations of numerous Software Aspects and Criteria. If you have a Digital Solution but are unsure about its Quality, a Professional Software Auditor is just what you need because Inappropriate Architecture can hurt Business Processes, increase Wasteful Spending, and limit Growth Potential.

    Checked IT Product Ownership: To comprehend, Develop, and Convey the Product Vision and Strategy. Akra Tech’s Product Owner shall represent the “Voice of the Consumer." Akra Tech Product Owners collaborate with Stakeholders to define and order the Product Backlog in order to fulfill the Product Vision and serve the Consumer. 

    Other Business Analysis Services we provide are – BI & Data Analytics, Enterprise Business Process Analysis, and Product-Market Fit Analysis.

    We provide Business Analysis Services to bridge between functional and technical requirements and achieve the specific goals of your business. With our services, we provide solid value through software implementation that benefits from an extensive analysis to improve the project concept and minimize potential risk.

    checkbox Define and manage Project Requirements using various tools and techniques

    checkbox Business Analysis Consulting – Product Solution, Strategy, and Workflows

    checkbox Define Scope and engage in client/stakeholder calls and discussion

    checkbox Analysis and Implementation – Strategy in Project development

    checkbox Adapt Industry best practices, Process improvement & Systems Integration

    Business Analysis Consulting

    Business Analysis

    "We can help you enable a predictable project delivery experience using well-defined methodologies, and our experts can help you improve the performance of your projects, programs, and portfolios with comprehensive governance and processes."

    Core Concept

    " We stand for the development of a complete vision of how a certain idea can fit the market, user demands, the expectations of stakeholders, and most importantly - the future users to benefit your company and whether it would be technically feasible and financially reasonable to implement it."

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    Business Analysis Benefits

    How will you benefit from our Business Analysis Services

    Business Analysis Benefits

    With Business Analysis Services from Akra Tech, you can achieve consistent, predictable Project Results by capturing Requirements precisely the First Time – and boosting Productivity with deeper Subject Expertise.

    checkbox Costs of Project Delivery can be Reduced by up to 50%.

    checkbox Decreased Out-of-Cycle Rework improves Quality.

    checkbox Time-to-Market can be Reduced by up to 20%.

    checkbox Approval of Project Finance in a Shorter Period of Time

    checkbox Improvements in the Business and fewer Defects

    checkbox Greater Uniformity in Project Delivery

    checkbox Attrition Rates and Onboarding Costs are lower.

    How our Business Analyst helps in gathering business requirements

    Business Analysis Benefits

    When it comes to developing a business, it’s important to gather all the necessary business requirements before diving into the design and development process.

    At Akratech, we have a dedicated business analyst who will work with you to understand your business model, target audience, competition, and functional requirements. Through a series of brainstorming sessions, we’ll identify your unique selling points and any additional revenue streams that could be incorporated into your Business.

    Business Analysis Benefits
    Business Analysis Benefits

    Functional requirement specification document

    Business Analysis Benefits

    Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, our business analyst will draft a Functional requirement specification document.

    This document will include an overview of the project, objectives and constraints, functional and data descriptions, system architecture, an architecture context diagram (ACD), system module narrative, resource requirements, team members by skill type, and systems requirements.

    In addition to the Functional requirement specification document, we’ll also have a design engineer, who will work on designing the unique screens of your business. Once the designs are finalized, we’ll convert them into a prototype and wireframes.

    Product Requirements Document

    Business Analysis Benefits

    As part of our business analysis service, we also provide a Product Requirements Document (PRD) to outline the requirements for your product, whether it’s software or a physical product.

    The PRD includes a product overview, user requirements, functional requirements, non-functional requirements, technical specifications, acceptance criteria, risks and assumptions, and stakeholder sign-off.

    Business Analysis Benefits
    Business Analysis Benefits

    Tailored Use cases for your Business

    Business Analysis Benefits

    We understand that every business has unique needs and requirements. That’s why we provide use cases tailored to your industry and business. For example, if you’re in e-commerce, we can help you create a use case that allows your customers to easily search for products, view product details, add items to their cart, and securely check out. If you’re in healthcare, we can help you develop a use case that enables healthcare providers to access electronic medical records, input and track patient information, and communicate with other healthcare providers. Whatever your industry, we can work with you to create use cases that meet your specific needs and help your business succeed.

    business analytical tools and techniques we use

    Business Analysis Tools

    We revel in an environment of open collaboration as we partner with the client to create complete ecosystems of connected experiences. Our creative minds and technical proficiency are our primary engines as we map out your stated and implied needs to deliver agile, functional and aesthetic solutions.

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