Web Conferencing Software for Education & Small Businesses

We aim in helping our customers connect 24×7 online wherever they are located remotely at home, office, park, on field duty, or in a café, our services allow integration across various devices and will be at a significantly lower cost than commercial web conferencing services.

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Our SaaS Web Conferencing solution TEACH COURSES LIVE helps you get connected wherever you are using the best of the video conferencing features that we have to offer. Whatever type of meetings you have – Business, Professional, or on the field we are there for you to stay connected.


TEACH COURSES LIVEin an Online Virtual Web Conferencing platform where you can quickly create virtual meetings on the fly enabling you to share presentations, Use Whiteboards, Share Desktop, Record your Meetings, Stream Webcam and participate in Chats

Over the years we have been providing Web conferencing solutions such as Online Meetings, Conducting online training, and Helping in Research & Development across various companies, educational institutions, academia, and L&D communities across all industries at large to enhance collaboration, research, and teaching bringing in continuous learning & Virtual classroom experience. 

We provide a web conferencing system that allows

  1. Remote presentation with slides,
  2. Live broadcasting and automated recording
  3. Desktop-sharing.
  4. Flexible user modes
  5. Track event performance
  6. Feedback forms
  7. chat and Networking options
Teach course Web conferencing

We help you to Establish engaging activities, interactive webinars, and natural networking opportunities to keep attendees amazed and delighted during your event. By eliminating the need to travel, you may access a global network.

Our simple, robust, and reliable Web Conferencing solution helps you to get connected anytime on demand. Participants can join in through the available URL shared by the presenter. We help you get connected anytime and anywhere helping you in your business, professional or personal meetings easier through our rich web conferencing features.

By registering with us you can perform a role of a Presenter (Moderator) or a Participant by creating your own meetings to Learn & Share online on areas of your interest. You can leverage all the web Conferencing features we have to offer as part of this collaborative endeavor.

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    Different User Roles in Web Conferencing

    Web Conferencing Services

    Participants are listed by their role (viewer, presenter or moderator) and if they are using a webcam. It also has a ‘raise hand’ feature to get the attention of a presenter or moderator.

    Viewers are users who have no authority within the Web conference; their primary role is to view the presentation as well as chat amongst other participants. In a course the viewer would be the students.

    Presenter has all the same capabilities as a participant, with the added features of uploading presentations and sharing their desktop within the Web conference. Users with the role of presenter appear with a presenter icon next to their name.

    Moderator has all the capabilities as a participant, with the added features of uploading presentations and sharing their desktop in the Web conference. As a moderator you make anyone (including yourself) a presenter by clicking the participants name and then clicking on the presenter icon.


    Web Conferencing features

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Web Conferencing Software ?

    Web conferencing software is a digital communication technology that enables remote meetings, classes, and other events to be held online. It allows individuals at different sites to collaborate in real-time by exchanging audio, video, and whiteboard sessions and sharing documents on their computers or mobile devices.

    What Are The Benefits of Web Conferencing ?

    Web conferencing offers numerous benefits that make it an attractive option for businesses. It can help to significantly reduce travel costs, save time by eliminating the need to be physically present at meetings, and increase efficiency by enabling real-time collaboration and communications. Web conferencing also enables more people to participate in meetings regardless of their geographic location.

    How to Ensure Secure Web Conferencing software ?

    Yes, web conferencing can be secure. It is important to choose a platform like Akratech that uses encryption and other security measures, such as two-factor authentication, to protect your conference sessions from unwanted access. Also, make sure the platform you use offers secure data storage options for any confidential information that you may need to share during a web conference.