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Rental (E-commerce) Services Mobile App
Rental (E-commerce) services Mobile App allows Product owners to Rent their products across various Categories and Sub-Categories which include Home Appliances, Industrial Solutions, Lawn & Garden, Moving & Travel, Music & Electronics, Party & Event, Safety, Sports & Outdoor, Tools & Hardware and More.
Our SaaS online classroom solution Farlanes ( helps you get connected wherever you are using the best of the video conferencing features that we have to offer. Whatever type of meetings you have – Business, Professional, or Field Farlanes is there for you to stay connected.
AKRAHEALTH provides a simple-to-use Telehealth and an electronic health record system designed exclusively for providers and patients. It is mobile-friendly and gives medical providers an easy-to-use, robust, world-class electronic health record system.
Inventory Forecasting with Tableau
We have built an inventory forecasting tool with the help of python and Tableau to create a dashboard view in the application which displays the forecasting information. This helps in the analysis and forecast of the future requirement of products for any store.
Biosafety & Wellness Application
Poppy – Know the safety of the air in any room, instantly. The indoor air we breathe can make us sick, grind business to a halt, and cost a fortune to heat, cool, and filter. The good news: with Poppy in your places, you can keep people safer and costs down. Poppy Monitors for airborne viruses that cause contagious respiratory illnesses like flu, COVID and RSV.
Online student management portal
We have built an Online student management portal for Pilot Training Certification. Our application is developed using PHP, Larvel. We have developed multiple users such as Super Admin, School Admin, Instructor, and Students, each having their own respective roles and access to the application.