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Farlanes (Online Classroom) Mobile App
FARLANES mobile learning platform comes for Android and iOS devices where learners will log in, check notifications, attend live classes, and access self-paced online sessions from their smartphones and tablets.
Rental-E-commerce Services
Rental (E-commerce) Services
Rental services (E-Commerce Application) is an ‘Online e-Commerce Platform’ to Rent products in Categories and Sub-Categories. The platform handled various user roles like Product Owner, Renter, Seller, Buyer, Admin, Facility Manager, Inspection Manager, Pickup & Delivery Drivers, etc.
Pricing Prediction
Pricing prediction
We have built a pricing prediction tool with the help of python and machine learning which uses ml models and classification techniques to predict prices. This helps in predicting a price of a new product depending on the information.
Web scraping with Python
Our data scraping model provides a dynamic, competitive analysis that has helped customers in taking collective business decisions. We use in-house price crawling software to scrape competitor’s prices and other product data to feed to our powerful pricing engines.
Course Management
We help design, set up, and manage your courses online. We promote a social constructionist pedagogy (collaboration, activities, critical reflection). Our courses are designed to suit 100% online classes as well as supplement face-to-face learning. A simple, lightweight, efficient, compatible, low-tech browser interface.
Akra-Health Telemedicine-App
Our vision was to have intelligent smart healthcare services armed with diagnostic and treatment information capabilities with enhanced features and monitor patients on an ongoing and continuous basis. Our platform would allow clinicians to monitor patients from a distance online.