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Customer ERP - Purchasing
The Purchasing Application as part of the ERP provides a system to track purchase orders that are filled into Shipment Containers at a specific port, and calculate “Which POs go into which Shipment Container” to make sure that a Shipment Container is filled to its maximum capacity.
Most essential third party API Integrations
Our APIs have been built under an Open source technology stack as a base platform with fully customizable, robust, scalable, and secure APIs. Our API is built on top of a strong Cloud architecture keeping in view the application needs to maintain a high level of performance-based Operations like ‘Processing’ / ‘Computing’ / ‘Searching’ etc.
Integraton with Zoho One Product Suite
Our Zoho integration will add email automation powers to your Zoho CRM. You can sync prospects, manage email cadences and push email responses. The various Finance Modules of Zoho, viz. Zoho-Inventory, Zoho-Invoice & Zoho-Books, the Sales Modules of Zoho, viz. Zoho-CRM & Zoho-Analytics, and the Support Module of Zoho, Zoho-Desk.
Real Estate Application
The application has been built using Python, Django, and React DocuSign tech stack with a rich User experience. The applications allow users to easily navigate and update the user workflow. The application includes informational pages related to brokerage rates along with marketing pages for Loan officers related to specific loan products.
Air quality check app
Air quality check voting app
The air quality check app lets people invite all Torontonians to ask businesses in their community to test and share the safety of their indoor air so that the public can use their favorite spaces with confidence. This means measuring how well ventilation works to clear airborne viruses, which is the effective Air Change Rate (eACH) of a space.