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AKRA TECH prepared the project well under the time specified. He immediately understood the purpose of the project and provided relevant solutions in our discussions. The final product required no modifications and met the criteria for the project perfectly. We are very likely to return to AKRA TECH for future work.
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API Development

We have successfully delivered API Development and Integration services across custom and Out of Box enterprise solutions. We have built a number of core APIs across various technologies besides integrating various cross-domain features to meet client business needs.

Our APIs have been built under an Open source technology stack as a base platform with fully customizable, robust, scalable, and secure APIs. Our API is built on top of a strong Cloud architecture keeping in view the application needs to maintain a high level of performance-based Operations like ‘Processing’ / ‘Computing’ / ‘Searching’ etc.

Our recent success story involved building e-commerce-related APIs that allows web crawler in the back end to extract product information from multiple shopping sites.

Besides we have integrated the following APIs across various platform services to accomplish the following features

  • SMS Notifications and Alerts
  • Google APIs –  Maps, Address, GeoLocation, etc.
  • Payment Gateways – Stripe, Paypal, Razorpay, etc.
  • Logistics & Route optimization 
  • Custom Calendar Scheduling and Appointments
  • E-commerce Multi-Vendor Stores
  • Fleet management involving in-house and contract drivers
  • Custom Delivery Pickups and Drop-offs

Our Engineering Team moves the focus from Problem Statement to Solution Domain. In our design, we consider the system to be a set of components or modules with clearly defined behaviors & boundaries. Our Design Team meets the Objectives of Software Design like Correctness, Completeness, Efficiency, Flexibility, Consistency, and Maintainability. We do propose a methodology best suited for a given situation.

Our Design Team focuses on: 

  • Information Architecture – Designing the layout and flow of an Application or Website.
  • Interaction Design – Assembling components of interaction, such as links, buttons, and so on.
  • Visual Design – Deciding on the overall and specific look of an Application or Website.

Our Software Development Team does Code Construction by means of carrying out processes such as initial research, data flow design, process flow design, flow charts, technical documentation, software testing, debugging and other software architecture techniques. 

Our Development Team has Expertise & Delivered Projects in New Web Technologies, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which let Websites “Plug in” to other Useful Features. Our Team does Mobile Development (App Development) and involves creating applications that run on Mobile devices such as iPhones, Android devices, and recently, the Windows 10 Platform.

Our Development Team has good expertise in Web Scraping Service, and does E-commerce Price Scraping that helps our Client to get insights on things like Trends, Best-Selling products, and Inventory Stock. All these efforts will lead to creating a Unique Pricing Offer. So each of Your Target Groups will get a Perfect Offer, based on Competitor Research, Pricing Trends, and Price Monitoring.

Scraping prices from websites, and data harvesting, in general, will give your business material to digest and analyse. So you’ll be able to create a Unique Offer for the Website Visitors that will Boost your E-commerce Store Sales.

Our QA Team follows the Systematic Process that shall ensure our Client’s Business Results align with their Business Goals. Self-evaluation fuels successful QA. Instead of relying solely on customer opinion, our Support Teams who QA assess their own efforts to align stated goals with actual outcomes. 

We have established our internal and customer-facing Standards and Strategies. Our Quality Assurance Support Services aim to assist our Customers in ensuring conformance of Products, Services, and ‘Processes to Requirements’ with an emphasis on Right First Time, throughout customer engagement, via effective Quality Assurance Processes, Systems, Policies, and Guidelines.

Our QA Team did Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to identify, understand, correct, and prevent the recurrence of non-conformance. This is achieved by our Remedial Action Plan for the identified Root Cause.