Graphical representation of scraped data

Dynamic UI interface

State of the Art Forecasting Process

 Completely cloud base (SaaS) web application

 Client-Specific Peak Load Alerts


Using Forcast Applications for my Forcast was a great decision on my part. Easier than I thought. Customer Support was awesome and speedy in responding to my many requests. The patience was just phenomenal and the service provided was above and beyond expectations. Thank you Forcast!
Jacob S. Evans
Sabaa.org, USA

Biosafety & Wellness Application

Poppy – Know the safety of the air in any room, instantly.
24/7 monitoring for ventilation performance and airborne viruses that cause flu, COVID, and RSV.

The indoor air we breathe can make us sick, grind business to a halt, and cost a fortune to heat, cool, and filter. The good news: with Poppy in your places, you can keep people safer and costs down.

Poppy Monitors for airborne viruses that cause contagious respiratory illnesses like flu, COVID and RSV.

Front end  

  • HTML + HTML5, CSS + CSS3
  • Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap 5, JavaScript +
  • jQuery,  Chart.js

Back end 

  • Laravel


  • MySQL 8.0.23


  • AWS, EC2

  • RDS, Cloud Watch

For organizations looking for a reliable partner when it comes to biosafety and wellness solutions, our portfolio of high-performance applications is an ideal solution. With years of experience and a proven track record, we'll help you overcome any challenge or reach any goal with ease.

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Monitor Progress With Metrics & Quality Assurance Protocols.

At our company, we believe in providing you with accountability and transparency. Through our metrics and quality assurance protocols, we help to monitor your progress. We will measure the efficacy of our strategies, helping to implement successful continuous improvement plans. By monitoring performance over time, you can consistently improve your overall biosafety and wellbeing standards.

Improve Your Processes and System Performance With Follow-Up Support & Training Services.

Our team is committed to helping you put your best foot forward. We understand that in order for any biosafety and wellness solution to work, it must be implemented with the right systems and processes. That’s why we offer comprehensive follow-up support and training services upon completion of our projects. Our goal is to ensure that you have access to adequate resources, guidance, and support throughout your wellness journey. With us by your side, you can rest assured that all performance objectives are met and exceeded.

We have designed wireframes, and algorithms for application build-up. As we followed the Agile process we divided application into multiple sprints .

Looking at the application requirement we categorized the sprint into 4 phases– Front End – we designed the application  UX in Figma and handover to the front end team– Database – As this application holds millions of data plots. so, we scrapped required and essential data for database design purposes.  Back End – As we have process and data structure in our mind at the place. we had designed multiple modules for operations, security, and application scalability .

  • Our Development Team came up with the technical architecture followed by data flow design, process flow design, flow charts, and technical documentation 
  • We used PHP Tech Stack with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which let “Plug in” to other Useful Features. Through our highly skilled and certified developers, we developed custom solutions and technical services on a wide range of requirements and thereby exceeding the client’s expectations. This has all been achieved through our efficient coding best practices, development processes, implementation guidelines, technical maturity & end to end delivery.

We performed a comprehensive test strategy since Mobile technology stack undergoes constant changes due to upgrades in web and mobile technologies. Our testing included exhaustive functional and non-functional testing, manual and automation testing besides performance and security testing. Our automated Testing and Performance Analysis ensured cross device testing and made the testing process quick, efficient, reliable, repeatable and reusable.

Comprehensive mobile testing coverage included  the following:

  • Functional testing based on various use case scenarios
  • Cross Device Testing across various mobile devices 
  • Non-functional testing: Performance, stability, security and compliance
  • Usability and compatibility testing