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Cloud migration

As your committed cloud services partner we understand which applications are suitable for migration and to which type of Cloud – Public, Private and Hybrid, based on the sensitivity of the information, app data, and resources To assist you in embarking on a smooth cloud migration journey by blending practical knowledge with technology and business strategy.

Cloud migration

We offer a comprehensive and managed cloud migration service by taking accountability for consulting, designing, optimizing, constructing, and monitoring the company’s private cloud and public cloud environments, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform, deployments.

We help in migrating data on-premise Oracle services to the AWS Cloud. As well as Develop, test, and deploy secure, reliable, highly available, and scalable infrastructure using infrastructure as code. We can help to maintain CI/CD pipelines.

End to End hassle free cloud migration approach

  • Assess: For an effective cloud transition strategy, asses the organizational structure and operational flow.
  • Identify: Identifying key performance areas and gaps in the process for holistic development.
  • Plan: Examine “what if" situations (regions, instance kinds, price plans), test a proof of concept, and finalize the migration plan.
  • Migrate: Migrate applications and workloads to the cloud with no data loss and little downtime.
  • Evolve: Our approach to problem solutions reflects our conviction in the market progress. We build our solutions such that they function with minimal friction and are adaptable to change.
  • Optimization: Continuous enhancement of cloud performance, security, and compliance to enable optimum value realization
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    Cloud to Cloud Migration

    Flexible Cloud Computing services

    Cloud to Cloud Migration

    Choosing the right migration strategy through critical analysis and identifying the challenges upfront has been our core focus to ensure successful migrations to our customers.

    We have helped our customers build applications on various cloud development platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

    We have expertise in Cloud migration, moving data, applications, or other business elements from an organization's onsite computers to the cloud, or moving them from one cloud environment to another.

    Achieve your cloud migration faster

    Cloud Service migration

    We have established a mature process of transitioning across different cloud providers. We have used middleware, such as a cloud integration tool, to bridge any gaps between the vendor’s and the customer’s (or other vendor’s) technologies in a successful migration to the cloud service provider’s environment. Transitioning to the cloud or between cloud environments comes with the usual challenges compounded by having to store and manage data remotely across multiple locations. Hence our migration strategy gives special consideration to privacy, interoperability, data and application portability, data integrity, business continuity, and security.

    Cloud Service migration
    Application migration

    Application Migration

    Application migration

    We understand migrating an application can be complicated because there are bound to be differences between the original and target environments, elements such as operating systems, management tools, the networking architecture, the storage system, and the virtual machine (VM) configuration can all differ from those in the environment where the application was developed or deployed.

    Our Experience with Cloud Migration (AWS)

    We have successfully developed and implemented an LMS Application which has been approved by NYC DOE. Our team has ensured that we meet all of the compliance requirements laid out in order to gain this approval, which includes AWS Audit, Security Review, Cloud Migration, and DevOps implementations.

    After a thorough Security Review and AWS Audit, we have made fast, secured, and modernized changes to our AWS Infrastructure for our application. To get this approval we have streamlined the following –


    checkbox We have created different environments for our LMS application such as production, staging, and development, each environment is on an individual AWS account.

    checkbox We have configured non-default VPC (virtual private cloud) for every environment to provide a secure and isolated platform for our resources.

    checkbox We have configured the application load balancer to ensure that the traffic is distributed among the instances in different availability zones to ensure the availability.

    checkbox We have configured WAF (Web Application Firewall) to protect our application against common web exploits and bots that can affect availability, compromise security or consume excessive resources.

    checkbox We have used Amazon Guard Duty to continuously monitor our AWS account, instances, databases, and storage for potential threats and migrate them by initiating automated responses.


    checkbox We have used auto-scaling groups to make sure the desired amount of instances running so that our application runs smoothly.


    checkbox We have configured an RDS MySQL DB in the private subnet and created a read replica in another availability zone to take the workload of the main database by directing the read queries to the read replica.

    checkbox We have used CloudFront, a content delivery network for faster delivery of content and reduced latency.

    High Availability

    checkbox We have a number of public and private subnets created in every availability zone in the region to make our application highly available.

    checkbox We have deployed EC2 instances in multiple availability zones to make our application highly available.

    checkbox We have created s3 buckets to store the dynamic contents, logs, and other files and enforced the bucket policies and ACL to ensure the safety and availability of our files.

    checkbox We have set up a disaster recovery environment so that we can recover in case of availability zone or region failure.

    checkbox We created a Hosted zone in R53 and a number of records to route internet traffic and customized our routing policies according to the project's needs.

    Low Downtime

    checkbox We have configured the application load balancer to ensure that the traffic is distributed among the instances in different availability zones to ensure availability and no downtime.


    To know about DevOps Implementation click here.


    We help our customers with automatic, secure migration and provisioning of existing virtual machines.

    check Secure networking bridge between the data center and cloud environments.

    check Capacity management, Resource analysis, and automated provider configuration.

    check Storage encryption using industry-standard protocols.

    check Secure roles-based controls and permissions for multiple users and groups.

    check Web services and command-line interfaces for programmatic scaling and integration with existing management tools.

    check Scalable, intuitive web-based console for the integrated management and ongoing operation of cloud resources.

    check We have been building APIs (application program interfaces) to migrate digital content in the cloud between diverse applications or databases.

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