Take full advantage of e-commerce platform with ease of buying and selling products or services online across different business models. 

We develop e-commerce platform for online ret businesses that are ready to take full advantage of e-commerce platform with ease of buying and selling products or services online across different business models – Business to Business ( B2B), Business to Costumer (B2C) or Customer to Customer (C2C).

The System to be developed and implemented for a Reputed Client was completely analyzed, and  based on the Work Load, it has been decided to opt for ‘Amazon EC2 Instance – T2 Medium’ Service from ‘Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Infrastructure, wherever the System needs Performance based Operations like ‘Processing’ / ‘Computing’ / ‘Searching’ etc. Based on the Storage Requirement, ‘Amazon S3’ or ‘Amazon Simple Storage Service’ is opted from AWS for Storing Information in the form of Objects.

‘Product Pricing – IP Tool’ is developed using OpenCart that uses the ‘Crawled Data’ to determine the ‘Optimal Price’ for Given Product at any point of time.

The Security feature like ‘SSL Certification’, and ‘Load Balancing’ (Route 53) are taken care of, as they are the inherent features of ‘AWS Cloud’.

The Crawling is done from various, popular Websites using Python Script, and the Product details are captured in the CSV Format. These ‘Crawled Data’ are processed to Identify the Product by its Name, Brand and Model. Also these ‘Crawled Data’ helps to gather the ‘Market Pricing Details’, and then by analysis ‘Optimal Price’ for a Given Product is determined.

Payment options

OpenCart 3.0 is implemented as the Base Platform, using which the ‘Product Owners’ and ‘Renters’ Details are captured, and Stored in the MySQL, Back-end Database.

This OpenCart System is integrated with ‘Zoho One’ Environment using ‘OpenCart Extensions’. The various Finance Modules of Zoho, viz.  Zoho-Inventory, Zoho-Invoice & Zoho-Books, the Sales Modules of Zoho, viz. Zoho-CRM & Zoho-Analytics, and the Support Module of Zoho, Zoho-Desk, are integrated with the Client System using ‘OpenCart Zoho Connector’ with API.

Facebook & Twitter Social Logins are enabled in the Client System. ‘Zoho SalesIQ’ and ‘Zoho Campaigns’ Modules are integrated with the Client System.

Distibution system

The Distribution System that involves carrying the Product, ‘From/To’ the ‘Product Owner’, and ‘From/To’ the Renter, is getting executed thru a Bunch of Drivers. These Drivers detail and the Routes detail are captured in the Driver Module. The Logistics involved in these ‘Scheduled Trips’ are Monitored and Tracked thru the ‘Driver Module’ using ‘Tookan API’. The ‘Tookan API’ provides the best ‘Delivery Management Services’ with Optimized Routes & Real-Time Tracking using QR Code.

Online Payments, from the Client System to the ‘Product Owners’, and From the ‘Renters’ to the Client System, are carried out through ‘Payment Hub’ using ‘Stripe Payment Gateway’.