We cover the complete life-cycle of web content management on a portal providing simple tools to create, update, publish, manage and archive content.

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What Are Content Management Services?

Content management services are technology solutions that help organizations manage, store, and publish digital content. Such services enable companies to efficiently organize the creation and sharing of content with their customers. Content management systems can be used to create websites, blogs, mobile applications, social media feeds, and other online experiences.

The process of sourcing, developing, managing, and delivering material is referred to as content management. We provide content management services allowing multi-users to effectively contribute content and collaborate through the system. 

Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Through automation, tool integration, collaboration, and workflow procedures, our content management services enable businesses to cut content production expenses.

Akra Tech’s professional team of developers, technical writers, Editors, UI/UX designers, business analysts, and project managers understand how to build and deploy content management solutions as well as create technical content for your products, and software.  

Without relevant and high-quality content, no business website can prosper. Providing valuable and timely information to the audience is essential for any effective marketing plan, which aids in business growth.

How Our Content Management Service Works

We will first assess your needs and goals before proposing the best way to treat your content. We will utilize our vast talents and significant experience to customize your content solutions, whether you need us to compose, illustrate,  format, animate, organize, synchronize, manage, translate, and publish your material or a fraction of those efforts. 

With our CMS software such as WordPress, Drupal,  PHP Nuke, Joomla, Radiant, eZ, DotNetNuke, and others, you can now manage and deploy the content of your website in a lot more convenient and distinctive manner. Our distinguished and high-quality CMS solutions will provide you with dynamic results. We are experienced with the greatest tools and resources to support various CMS, including web content management,  digital asset management, portal content management, enterprise content management, document content management, and source content management.

How Our Content Management Service Works

Web Content Management

Digital Asset Management

Enterprise Content Management

Document Management

Portal Content Management

Our CMS services Integration

Drupal Development

WordPress Development

Liferay Development

Content Management Services

Making Enterprises Stand Out With our Content Management Solutions.

Our CMS Services like web content management,  portal content management, course content, and other CMS services will help your business in explosive growth.

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    Our Document Management within Content Management

    Document Content Management

    Our document management services are embedded within Content management, as the need to deal with Structured, Un-structured and Semi-structured information has grown more relevance with the advent of range of sources – Smartphones, Cloud etc., and not to mention more media types.

    Our Document Management within Content Management

    Unlock the Benefits of Integrated Content Authoring

    Integrated content authoring provides a simplified process for creating and managing digital content, enabling organizations to quickly develop an effective workflow for producing high-quality online experiences. Benefits include increased collaboration between teams, better customer engagement, more efficient use of resources, and faster content delivery.

    We provide an integrated authoring environment for content creators, with a wide range of features with all required formatting to publish content. A few of the features we provide as part of content creation are Multi-user authoring, Metadata creation, Crosslinks, Content reuse, SEO-Friedly Content, etc.

    Content Creation Management
    Publish content Management

    Ensure consistency in 'look and feel' of the website

    We ensure pages generated through the CMS engine are controlled via customized style sheets and page templates. Information is presented as per user roles through personalization. Comprehensive usage statistics are provided to determine the success of the content portal.

    Publish content Management

    Get the Most Out of Your Website with a Secure and Customizable CMS

    A secure and customizable content management system (CMS) can provide unique advantages for businesses. A secure CMS ensures that access to essential components is limited, preventing malicious or unauthorized alterations. Meanwhile, a custom CMS allows users to tailor the platform to their specific organizational needs, making it easier to manage and update information on-the-fly. This powerful combination can help businesses craft robust websites and applications; ensuring optimal performance and heightened security for important data

    We provide version control and archiving with a powerful workflow model that can be easily customized. We would have built-in security with the required audit trails to protect the integrity of the content. Besides we provide an extensive range of customized reports based on the user roles.

    Update Content management