Our Online Learning services  provides a platform to anyone who has a keen interest in participating, contributing and promoting e-learning and development among academia and educational community at large to enhance Online Teaching , Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration to help bring continuous e-learning experience across any subject area with an aim to nurture talent , skill development and learning among students.

Our objective is to help teachers with the platform to create and manage courses, assignments for students to learn and share information, at the same time reinforce their existing skills and capabilities through effective training and skill development workshops.


Our SaaS Telehealth product AKRA HEALTH provides patients access to their health medical records and medical forms, enabling end to end communications across various healthcare providers, pharmacies, Medical Associations, Clinics, and other healthcare institutions. We ensure an efficient modern medical practice bringing patients an “On-demand” Video Consulting service which helps patients interact prior to their visit to physicians, besides making requests for prescription refills etc..

Our electronic patient health information system is highly secured through SSL encryption complying with HIPAA rules, besides providing an audit trail on user who have requested for the required information

Virtual classroom

Virtual Classroom

We offer Online Classroom as a virtual mode of training where individuals can select the particular subject as per their choice. Individuals who would like to take the benefit of a classroom training environment and improve their behavioral and team building skills can choose Classroom mode based on the availability of dates on the training calendar. Individuals who would like to take training at the convenience of their home / anywhere and at their own pace can take online mode.

We follow 5 Step approach as part of our training services to achieve the skills and expertise to take the individual’s career forward to the next level

Web Conferencing

We aim in helping our customers connect with their stakeholders 24×7 online wherever they are remotely from home, office, park , on field duty or in a café. Our services allow integration across various devices and will be at a significantly lower cost than commercial web conferencing systems.

We provide an interactive web conferencing system that allows remote presentation with slides, audio, video, chat and desktop-sharing. We help make web conference an easy to click feature as simple as Click of a button brining in a rich user-experience.

Web conferencing