Customized Open source e-commerce E-COMMERCE MVP models Click Here online classroom Our online classrooms are designed to help ONLINE CLASSROOM you enhance your Technical and Soft Skills. Click Here "Our Telehealth and Mobile EMR solution HEALTH CARE patients to specialized physicians through Click Here connects “ON DEMAND” video consultation anytime anywhere." Elearning Our solution to the client’s business needs is E-LEARNING best answered, by the type of engagement Click Here we involve to suit the functional requirements.

Our custom Open source e-commerce MVP models – Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C), or Customer to Customer (C2C) have helped customers launch their retail businesses with ease. Our proven e-commerce technology solutions have helped clients with robust, scalable, and cost-effective retail platforms.

With intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and conversion-oriented best-in-class eCommerce development solutions, our eCommerce development team focuses on assisting you to thrive in a competitive marketplace and expand your global reach. We provide this WOW experience through pioneering eCommerce providers such as WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify.

We collaborate with businesses in a variety of industries to create and implement high-performance SaaS applications that meet the needs of individual customers. When delivering digital products and services globally, our skilled staff understands what organizations of all sizes require.

We have managed SaaS cloud applications from conceptualization to implementation and brought in delivery excellence and maintained a high level of customer satisfaction, ensuring products are aligned & delivered based on set business goals and objectives, reduced operational risks, and increased profitability.


We are an experienced development company that offers custom eLearning course development services that will help your organization's learning curve. Our E-Learning Portal provides a platform to anyone who has a keen interest in participating, contributing, and promoting e-learning and development.

Our objective is to help teachers with the platform to create and manage courses, and assignments for students to learn and share information, at the same time reinforcing their existing skills and capabilities through effective training and skill development workshops.

With our CMS software such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PHP Nuke, Joomla, Radiant, eZ, DotNetNuke, and others, you can now manage and deploy the content of your website in a lot more convenient and distinctive manner. Our distinguished and high-quality CMS solutions will provide you with dynamic results. We practice search engine optimization (SEO) friendly CMS that will help your application with better search results.

Our efficient solutions ensure that you do not encounter any difficulties while managing your website content. All of our content management system solutions are tailored to enable enhanced workflow, quick changes, and increased productivity.

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Our SaaS Telehealth product AKRA HEALTH provides patients access to their health medical records and medical forms, enabling end to end communications across various healthcare providers, pharmacies, Medical Associations, Clinics, and other healthcare institutions. We ensure an efficient modern medical practice bringing patients an “On-demand” Video Consulting service which helps patients interact prior to their visit to physicians, besides making requests for prescription refills.

Our electronic patient health information system is highly secured through SSL encryption complying with HIPAA rules, besides providing an audit trail on user who has accessed the required information.

Our Document Management System can help you save both time and money. Our services include Document protection, access control, centralized storage, audit trails, and faster search and retrieval.

Our Document management service will aid in the storage, retrieval, management, control, and tracking of digital documents and electronic images of paper-based information collected using document scanning technology or ingested as a digital document.

Document Management
Online classroom

Online Classroom

We offer Online Classroom as a virtual mode of training where individuals can select a particular subject as per their choice. Individuals who would like to take benefit from a classroom training environment and improve their behavioral and team-building skills can choose Classroom mode based on the availability of dates on the training calendar. Individuals who would like to take training at the convenience of their home / anywhere and at their own pace can take online mode.

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    We assist our clients in accelerating their CRM transformation activities in order to grow sales, increase productivity, and improve customer service – all while lowering operational costs and shortening time-to-market.

    Akra Tech CRM service assists you in focusing on your organization's relationships with individual people — such as customers, service users, or colleagues — all through your lifecycle, which includes customer acquisition, earning their business, and offering assistance and additional services throughout the relationship.

    Web Scraping
    Web conferencing

    Web Conferencing

    We aim in helping our customers connect with their stakeholders 24×7 online wherever they are remotely from home, office, park , on field duty or in a café. Our services allow integration across various devices and will be at a significantly lower cost than commercial web conferencing systems.

    We provide an interactive web conferencing system that allows remote presentation with slides, audio, video, chat and desktop-sharing. We help make web conference an easy to click feature as simple as Click of a button brining in a rich user-experience.

    Communication Management

    Our CMS team – Communication Management System – will establish and sustain your communication environment by providing service-based outcomes that support your objectives. We oversee the operation of your communications systems, aid with security, optimize efficiency and productivity, and strive to better customer and staff experiences. We are committed to safeguarding your company's investment.


    Data Science & ML

    Our machine learning abilities encompass supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning. We comprehend the challenges that arise during implementation. We will assist you in selecting the best algorithms and accurate models for your situation. In circumstances when none of the available libraries are adequate, our multidisciplinary team of computer science professionals and data scientists may assist in the creation and implementation of novel methods.

    Data Analytics & Visualization

    We have helped customers translate observations into shared knowledge and contribute to strategy. We show how to solve core business problems operating with algorithmic complexity.

    Our data visualization services entail creating pixel-perfect reports and interactive dashboards based on your business requirements. We will assist you with transforming data from many sources into interactive visualizations, allowing you to track goals and results, uncover opportunities, estimate demand, and more. We also provide self-service reports to lessen your reliance on IT or MIS employees.


    Cloud Migration

    We assist in the migration of data, product applications, as well as other business management documents from on-premise servers to a cloud computing environment. We can help to develop, test and deploy secure, reliable, highly available, and scalable infrastructure using infrastructure as code.
    We offer a comprehensive and managed cloud migration service by taking accountability for consulting, designing, optimizing, constructing, and monitoring the company’s private cloud and public cloud environments, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform, deployments.

    We have built in-house Web Scraping tools to scrape various data attributes including competitors’ prices and other product data to help in the analysis and development of required functionalities.

    Our Python Scrapy and Web Scraping API services will guarantee immediate & efficient action in the procedure. We have experience in developing various web scraping features such as AI Chatbot, Excel/PDF Export, and Data crawling in CSV Format, data sources from websites or any global database to APIs, etc.