Online Classroom Platform

We provide online classroom platform solution to help you with your Online Training need. Improve your work efficiently, be productive, build positive approach and zeal to share knowledge. 


We aim toward building e-learning communities and nurturing online learning through our online classroom platform “TEACH COURSES LIVE" with Video conferencing capabilities to enhance learning, collaboration, research, and teaching.

We have built a Collaborative and Learning Environment (CLE) for our customers in our online classroom platform with a goal to adopt, share, contribute, build, secure, and achieve sustainability.

Our online classroom platform are practically oriented, involving various Tools & Techniques in our Sessions, Discussions, Demos, Problem Solving, Simulations and Instructor Led Training programs.

We also offer free classroom sessions from time to time on various subjects, that are published on our website for students to take advantage of free training by enrolling themselves.

Students have a choice to choose Online Training in a wide area of subjects in Science, Technology, Engineering & Management (STEM) through our online classroom platform.


Our Online classroom Platform has been designed to bring in flexible and cost-effective teaching.

Students who have used our platform have experienced the benefits of an Online training platform to improve their Technical, skills. Students can schedule their training as per their availability and choice of dates. This has made the students take training at the convenience of their home / anywhere and at their own pace.

We follow 5 Step approach as part of our training services to achieve the skills and expertise to take the individual’s career forward to the next level

Step 1 : Counsel the student
Step 2 : Provide training choices
Step 3 : Impart Training through Tools & Techniques
Step 4 : Work on areas of Improvement
Step 5 : Certify

Our online classrooms platform are aligned with the Industry standards and focused on ensuring the students meet the demands of the job market and help keep them updated with the latest changes on the subject. Our certified trainings are being conducted to ensure that the individuals gains knowledge and skills on all topics for the respective training he/she has opted. We maintain, guide and track training plans of every student registered with us through our online classroom platform to help self evaluate his / her development career path.

Real time online classroom platform

Our online classroom platform environment provides students with an interactive online classroom experience as against a traditional classroom experience in an educational or training institute. Students and teachers can collaborate in real-time and engage in a rich learning experience besides sharing training-related documents with ease.  

We bring teachers and learners cutting across various countries together in a highly interactive online classroom environment thereby reducing the time, cost, and other expenses such as Travel, etc. We facilitate teaching through scheduled Online learning events such as Workshops, Knowledge Sharing Sessions, and Live Web conferences for individuals in and outside an organization.

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    Online classroom platform FEATURES - EASY TO USE

    Online classroom platform Whiteboard Whiteboards

    Online classroom platform checklist Screen Sharing

    Online classroom platform recording Recording

    checkboxOnline classroom platform live stream Live Streaming

    Online feedback in Virtual classsroom Online Feedback

    Web conference in Online classroom platform Web Conferencing

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    Online Classroom Platform Feature - Easy to use.

    Online classroom platform


    We promote communities that are focused on learning the specific topic of their interest through our online classroom platform, supported by various teaching techniques offered in a collaborative e-learning environment. Groups of students can meet online either through web conferences, discussion forums, chats, or workshops. Our interactive online training platform help students to share, discuss and work on the subjects of their choice. Our Collaboration tool helps in getting questions answered quickly online besides conducting research and brainstorming sessions with teams with similar interests. 

    Online Classroom Platform

    We provide multiple discussion forums to help students to analyze and resolve specific problem areas or share information related to a specific topic to help each other through our online classroom platform. Substantial information can be shared through an interactive content management system provided as part of the collaboration environment. This helps in establishing openness around specific subjects where individuals can contribute to the broader success of the learning community.

    Our collaborative features in our online classroom platform involve using Synchronous tools such as Web Conferencing, Instant Messaging, Audio / Video Conference and Asynchronous tools such as Discussion Forums, Calendar, Surveys, Polls, and Announcements. We help integrate contents such as CBT's, presentations, audio, video, documents, etc. as part of Course management through online classroom platform