Our Healthcare Solutions through healthcare portal platform

We offer end-to-end consulting and integration services for the healthcare market through our healthcare portal platform and Healthcare mobile App that guarantee you have the data, analytics, and technology you require to gain a meaningful market edge.

Why is the use of information system in healthcare important?

healthcare portal platform

We design healthcare service that satisfies the needs of your customers. Patients are more involved in their own treatment than ever before, and products must be as user-friendly as they are reliable and economical. We provide the highest levels of performance while emphasizing usability.

Our healthcare portal platform (AKRA HEALTH) and healthcare mobile app offer patients access to their electronic medical records and ensure seamless communication across healthcare providers, pharmacies, Medical Associations, Clinics, and other healthcare institutions.

We enable patients to own their electronic medical records inside the healthcare portal platform and healthcare mobile app anytime anywhere prior to their visit to physicians, besides the history of their medication, prescriptions, etc. through our mobile EMR.

Our electronic patient health information in the healthcare portal platform is secured through SSL encryption complying with HIPAA rules and guidelines, besides maintaining an information audit trail on who has accessed the required information.

healthcare portal platform

Advantages Of Mobile Health Applications

We understand over half of patient encounters could be handled by extenders. Physicians working alongside extenders to help spend more time with patients, better coordinate care and enjoy more work-life balance.

Our healthcare mobile app “AKRAHEALTH” is designed to allow nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and pharmacists to do more, as we see the scope of these “extenders” will expand, as they could offset shortages of physicians. Thereby our product is designed to facilitate allowing ‘extenders’ to deal with patients.

We provide a healthcare portal platform that handles the clinical duties of nurses, physician assistants, and pharmacists and expands the role of nurse practitioners through our platform.

Nurse assistants shall closely monitor patients after they are discharged from the hospital, a patient-centered healthcare system with their electronic medical record is featured in our healthcare portal platform.

Distinct Features of Healthcare Software Platform

distinct features of our healthcare platform

checkbox Mobile EMR linking Patients and Doctors

checkbox HIPAA Compliant

checkbox Problem-Oriented Health Information

checkbox Preemptive Analysis based on Medication and Medical History

checkbox Managing Complex ePHI thru SSL encryption.

checkbox The audit log tracks all user activity

distinct features of our healthcare platform

Why Choose Akra Health EMR?

AKRA HEALTH EMR is an electronic health record system designed exclusively for providers and patients. It is a mobile-friendly version based on the Laravel5 PHP framework and jQuery.

AKRA HEALTH EMR gives medical providers an equal chance of getting an easy-to-use, robust, world-class electronic health record system.

AKRA HEALTH Electronic medical records can be installed on a variety of server systems. The server can be a standalone computer or it can be installed in the cloud. Once installed AKRA HEALTH EMR can be used by any computer system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) as long as there is a network connection and a web browser.

AKRA HEALTH EMR is fast, modular, and most important of all – intuitive and user-friendly for the providers.

Dashboard / Chart 

  • Active issues list
  • Medication list
  • Supplements list
  • Allergy list
  • Past encounters
  • Organized document handling system
  • Automated task reminder and alert system
  • Ability to create personalized templates for the HPI (history of illness), ROS (review of systems), and PE (physical examination).
  • Ability to create personalized electronic patient forms for the patient portal.
  • Online scheduling with individualized visit types

Provider ordering 

  • Computerized provider order entry (CPOE)
  • E-Prescribing – We can look at integration with rCopia Dr. First
  • Check for medication interactions whenever a new prescription is made

MHI EMR Management

  • Export claims to HCFA-1500 format
  • Ability to track remaining balances to a claim
  • Ability to track revenues month-to-month or year-to-year
  • Health supplements documentation and inventory tracking
  • Vaccine documentation and inventory tracking
  • Ability to create tags for encounters, messages, and documents
  • Ability to query your patients based on age, gender, issues, diagnoses, medications, supplements, and tags

Patient Portal 

  • Secure messaging to the provider or the provider’s assistant(s)
  • Schedule appointments online with the provider
  • Automatic appointment reminders via email or SMS
  • Review lab results and other healthcare-related documents in the patient’s chart
  • Patients can fill out personalized electronic forms that can directly integrate into the patient encounter with a click of a button


  • Generate clinical summaries via a Continuity of Care Record
  • Print a partial or entire chart into PDF format, or directly fax the document
  • Export health-related information in a standardized format – C-CDA
  • Import documents via uploading PDFs or faxing


  • Growth charts
  • Immunization tracking
  • Child check documentation
  • Vaccine information Sheet printouts

External Interfaces

  • Remote scanning – Medical Devices Integration
  • Electronic lab interface
  • Electronic fax integration

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    How Patient Portals Improve Patient Engagement


    We help maintain and secure individuals’ “Electronically protected health information” leveraging the latest technologies. Individual health information is provided “On-demand”, at any time.

    Our healthcare product and services help older adults and their families keep track of lengthy and frequently-changing medication lists. Family caregivers will be able to maintain an online list of medications and specific application which isn’t available in the market. Elderly patients, find an online way to keep track of their relative's lists of complex medications.

    Access Electronic Medical Records Online

    Telemedicine Healthcare Portal - MEDICAL HISTORY , ANALYSIS

    All vital record information such as heart rate, electrocardiography, respiratory rate, skin temperature, activity, and posture, is intended to connect clinicians to patients wherever they use Our healthcare mobile app and it is designed to become as important to clinicians as they are to patients, ensuring health record information are secure and handled for data streaming from many sources, including personal health devices.

    Our Healthcare product would help diagnose illness, flag early signs of trouble, allow recovery and rehabilitation to occur closer to home, and create virtual workforce capacity, besides monitoring vital signs, analyzing blood and urine, tracking medication adherence, and more inside the healthcare portal platform.

    Telemedicine Healthcare Portal - MEDICAL HISTORY , ANALYSIS

    Our healthcare product is designed as an intelligent smart healthcare product armed with diagnostic and treatment information capabilities with enhanced features and monitors patients on an ongoing and continuous basis.

    We capture the abnormalities/complaints that are evidence of the medical problem and determine whether the problem is getting worse, better, or staying the same which requires understanding the problem’s significance from the patient’s perspective. Through the active participation of patients, we determine parameters to monitor the course and status of problem and response to therapy using our healthcare portal.

    Telemedicine Portal - Patient Document Workflow Inside Healthcare Portal

    Patient Document Workflow Inside Healthcare Portal

    Telemedicine Portal - Patient Document Workflow Inside Healthcare Portal

    We help investigate the hypothesis and measures to investigate each hypothesis along with complications to watch for Ensure Doctor-patient communication is maintained on a long-term basis and if need be involved in pharmaceutical research we bring in patients based on their willingness to share information and participate in research studies using our healthcare portal. 

    Through effective coordination involving multiple healthcare stakeholders, our features in our healthcare platform help clinicians, social workers, and care coordinators to monitor patients with calls and visits, encouraging them to embrace healthy lifestyle regimens, fill prescriptions and keep physician appointments.

    Reporting, Third Party Integration & Compliance

    Telemedicine Healthcare Portal CCR

    Our vision is when every patient goes to the doctor for a checkups, they put one of these on for external or third party institution and the data streaming is seamless, secure and HIPAA-compliant.

    Our Healthcare product is to bolster in meeting the medical regulatory  compliance and standards published by the state from time to time and meet the regulatory review and seek regulatory stamp of approval.

    Telemedicine Healthcare Portal CCR