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Our Agile Life Cycle Management Most of our development process has been on Agile meeting customer’s requirement of a Minimal Viable product as part of CI / CD automation cycle. We believe agile development is based

Our past experience in governance model has proved that we can ensure complete visibility and flexibility in operations and realize strategic objectives to Customer. The Governance Model has evolved from our best practices of a

The key to having a useful and usable approach for managing projects is to think process, not methodology. For many people methodology is a good thing. It presents a formalized way to manage projects and

Key to the success of any IT outsourcing process is the Service Level Management because, all other processes, people and projects are measured on how well the services are performed; processes are adhered-to/improved-on and how

SERVICE SUPPORT Software Installation and Configuration Software installation and configuration would be carried out by using manuals, tools, and software license keys etc., provided by the Customer. Approved peripherals and necessary applications required by the

Problem Management Through the best support models in practice today Cyllene focuses to implement the Problem management processes by identifying the root cause analysis and providing a proactive response to incident and problem trends before

Email Broadcast: Dynamics CRM is unfortunately not best in terms of performing e-mail interactions, especially when it comes to e-mail marketing, the out-of-the-box features of Dynamics CRM don’t meet all the requirements which one would

Project Approach Support structure will consist of offshore teams who would be experienced in the technology areas. The support team will address the support requests through Help desk and monitoring tools. This support delivery model

We provide centralized and coordinated management of those projects for which it is responsible and have been defined in terms of a continuum of maturity from project office to center of excellence with functions that

Receive Change Request The Change Request can be raised through a defined tool, or a Change Report or equivalent.  Team responsible for processing change Requests receives the details in pre-defined format, in form of the