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Very talented. His project management skill and planning has been very useful. We will continue to work with him. Must hire for project management.
Penny Miller, Australia

Teach Courses Live

Our SaaS solution TEACH COURSES LIVE helps you get connected wherever you are using the best of the online classroom features that we have to offer. Whatever type of meetings you have – Business, Professional, or the field we are there for you to stay connected
Our user-friendly online classroom platform helps you to schedule public or private classes.

  • Public Class – Online Class is FREE for all participants to join
  • Private Class – Online Class is only available for participants for a fixed fee which has been defined by the moderator

Our smart class management tool helps teachers to become more effective in the classroom by bringing complex ideas to life.

  • Send Emails and alerts
  • Send notifications for classes
  • Dates for releasing announcements
  • Weekly, daily, and monthly calendar views
  • Messages and files can be exchanged without using email.
  • Include files with messages

We help teachers earn an income through our platform where you can conduct live interactive LIVE sessions on subjects of their choice.

Teachers can register and provide training to students online for FREE. If they wish they can earn an income through our platform by deciding on a FEE to charge their students for their online classroom services.

Actionable Teacher's Dashboard

  1. Create an online class on the subject of your choice
  2. Manage your classes and students through an admin panel
  3. Decide whether you want to conduct a FREE or PAID class
  4. Invite Students to Join their class
  5. Earn an income from the PAID class
  6. Choose to become a full-time online teacher
  7. Publish their Events for FREE
  8. Use our platform as a document repository

The teacher dashboard enables you to support and give feedback to students by pinpointing the issues in which they are having difficulty. It also enables you to take the initiative in delivering high-quality instruction.

Create and Customize Events on the go

  • Schedule Events is a FREE service where Users can send an invite by creating an event
  • They can also Customize the events and send them via Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Students can join from among the stream of LIVE online classes selecting subjects of their choice being conducted by various qualified teachers online on our platform 24×7.

Students are engaged when they show a high level of attention as well as dedication. The most effective way to involve every student in your class and give them a simple way to communicate with the teacher is by using Teachcources live Collaborative Tools.

Learning Library

Our learning library offers educational materials in the form of eBooks, PDFs, videos, and audio files for the student.


Your students will be inspired and motivated by a great leaderboard. It's a simple technique to encourage group class participation and performance while allowing students to have fun and achieve their objectives.

Smart scheduling tools

Using our intelligent scheduling tool, you can schedule your lessons, assignments, and quizzes and develop a proactive plan for the class and yourself.


Teachers and students can use the calendar to schedule lessons, workshops, and assessments. They can also use automated scheduling to be proactive and remain ahead.

Messages & Notifications

Students get notified every time a new course or chapter is updated. This helps to keep the students alert and in sync with any of the changes made by the instructor and school.

Rating and comment for lessons and courses

Ratings and reviews of your course might be very beneficial to prospective students who are thinking about enrolling.

Comments, Likes & Shares

Students can comment, like, and share content about the course on the social wall that is already embedded into our learning management system. This improves the performance and visibility of your course.

Outcome: With the aforementioned capabilities, Students' engagement in the online classroom has been boosted and their focus has been sharpened during the lesson.