Requirements Gathering

We help organizations respond to project needs by providing unique services in Program & Technology Consulting and PMO services which otherwise cannot be managed by normal operations 

Gathering Requirements is one of the most important aspects of any Project, and it adds value on Multiple Levels. When working with tighter Deadlines, lesser Budgets, and limited Scopes, meticulous Documenting of all Project Requirements becomes Critical.

Agile development

Checked We shall Help you to Understand, What you are trying to Build & Why you are Building it, by Gathering the Requirements for the Project. Effective Requirements Gathering can aid in the Success of Your Project. We wish to assist you in Taking Control of all parts of Your Requirements. At Akra Tech, We strive to deliver the greatest Requirement-Gathering Methods possible by incorporating a number of Cutting-edge Features.

We will help you answer:

  • How long will your Project Schedule be?
  • Who will be involved in the Project?
  • What Risks you may face in Your Project?

These Features include but are not limited to, a customizable Requirements Hierarchy, full support for Agile & Other Methodologies, and complete Test & Bug Traceability.

What requirements we can help gather?

Checked Functional Requirements: We help to create a Functional Requirements Document that outlines the Functions required to achieve your Business Needs. The Document will enlist the Technical Functionalities required for the successful delivery of Your Software / Product.

Checked Non-Functional Requirements: Non-Functional Requirements define and specify the System’s Operation. We shall help you gather Requirements such as Performance, Scalability, Capacity, Availability, Reliability, Data Integrity, Usability, Security, etc.

Checked Business Requirements: We shall help to develop the Business Requirements Document for the Software Development Life Cycle that deals with your Organization’s Requirements or Wants, which will allow your business to achieve its end Objectives, Vision, and Goals.

Agile development

How will you benefit by approaching us for Requirement Gathering?


  • Your company will benefit from having a Guide on Hand to assist you in making the Best Option, identifying any Potential Issues, and assisting you in getting the most out of your New System.
  • An independent Business Analyst’s new Perspective will be beneficial to Your Company.
  • Unbiased, Objective Advice shall help Your Company.
  • Gathering Requirements is a Time-Consuming Process. You Save Time by delegating the hard work to us.

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