We help organizations respond to project needs by providing unique services in Program & Prototyping and PMO services which otherwise cannot be managed by normal operations 

AKRA TECH helps build prototypes in order to turn your napkin sketch into a physical product. 

Akra Tech assists businesses in navigating all aspects of the digital landscape, including wireframing and interactive prototyping, in order to create experiences that provide measurable business outcomes. To turn your ideas into prototypes, we have some of the best engineers and designers on staff, as well as access to world-class manufacturing facilities. We adhere to established design standards, workflows, and rules, ensuring that you receive the product you require, delivered on time by competent designers.

Our Prototyping Services

Checked Static Prototyping: Our Static prototype development services produce a sequence of static images that are arranged sequentially to help envision your product’s flow and functions. A static prototype depicts the user journey visually.

Checked Proof of Concept: We will assist with the development of a proof of concept (POC), which is a low-cost viability test of your fundamental product assumptions that reveal whether your idea can be achieved. A proof of concept also outlines and validates the product’s functionalities, features, and integrations.

We’ll provide you with:   

  • Communicating Ideas, Improving Designs, and Accelerating Innovation that suits your needs.
  • A flexible development methodology that enables us to create cutting-edge products.
Agile development
Agile development

Checked Clickable/Interactive Prototyping: Simply put, interactive prototypes are working versions of your website or application. Our UX architects create rapid interactive prototypes to help you discover how visitors traverse your site, how they consume information, and where you can better engage them.

Benefits of Our Prototyping Services:

  • With our product prototyping services, you may test the feasibility of your idea in a short amount of time.
  • Demonstrate a tangible product vision so that your stakeholders can engage with and buy into your concept.
  • With a convincing prototype that has been proven for the market and users, you may persuade potential investors to invest in your project.
  • Visualize the scope and requirements of your product so that you can properly budget and prepare for the future.

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