Continuous Integration

We help organizations respond to project needs by providing unique services in Program & Continuous Integration and PMO services which otherwise cannot be managed by normal operations 

Akra Tech can assist your team in implementing continuous integration into your delivery processes so that they can identify problems earlier, deliver faster, and focus much more of their efforts on new digital advancements.

Agile development

Checked Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you accelerate your Continuous Integration solutions. We’ve worked with some of the world’s most prestigious companies to help them automate their build process, apply sound design principles, promote cross-functional visibility, and find the best infrastructure and tools for their environment and company. 

 Akra Tech has extensive expertise in designing and delivering CI/CD services for every stage of the SDLC, from Proof of Concept development to product release, enterprise scaling, and managing complex multi-cloud infrastructures.

Our Continuous Integration Services

Checked Automated Testing: Our automated testing services include test automation planning, tools selection, test environment setup, test data preparation, test script development and maintenance, and test reporting.

Checked Build Automation: We can assist you to build automation systems that take developer commits, add them to an existing codebase, and quickly build a software system that can be tested and deployed to production when ready.

Checked Deployment Automation: Our automated deployment services enable applications to be deployed across the various development environments. As a result of these capabilities, deployments are more efficient, dependable, and predictable.

Agile development
Agile development

Why Choose Us?

Checked Our experts will help you in selecting and finalizing the appropriate tools for your environment, as well as integrating them into your process. We can help you create a welcoming environment.

Checked Our automation-first approach forces us to concentrate on continuous automation and monitoring throughout the lifecycle of an app, from development to deployment.

Checked We help your teams integrate CI into their delivery processes so they can focus more on digital innovation, develop faster, and deliver better results.

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