Continuous Delivery

We help organizations respond to project needs by providing unique services in Program & Continuous Delivery and PMO services which otherwise cannot be managed by normal operations. 

Akra Tech can help your Company make Continuous Delivery a key part of your agile and DevOps Strategy so that production-ready code can be brought to market faster, more effectively, and with less risk.

Our experts will help you to

Checked Plan your journey to Continuous Delivery

Checked Assess your current Continuous Delivery capabilities and make a roadmap

Checked Tackle technology and culture challenges

Checked Implement best practices for collaboration, agility, and automation

Checked Pick the right tools for your team

Checked Implement automated pipelines, quality gates, and technical excellence

Agile development
Agile development

Checked Akra Tech teams can help any organization’s continuous delivery strategies succeed. What do we do at Akra Tech? 

Services of Continuous Delivery using the most recent digital technologies. 

It’s made possible by the development pipeline, which includes three essential elements: visibility – of all aspects of the delivery system for all team members to encourage cooperation, fast feedback – for quick problem resolution, and continuous deployment – via a completely automated process.

Our Continuous Delivery Services

Checked Plan your journey to Continuous Delivery

Checked Readymade reference app pipelines 

Checked CD Process, Design, Architecture Artifact Templates

Checked Testing Frameworks for CD Pipelines

Checked CD Tool Integration Expertise

Checked CI/CD Jump Start Program

Agile development


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