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Fully configurable Automated Workflow's

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Automated Configurable FTP/NETWORK Synchronization for Clients

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AKRA TECH prepared the project well under the time specified. He immediately understood the purpose of the project and provided relevant solutions in our discussions. The final product required no modifications and met the criteria for the project perfectly. We are very likely to return to AKRA TECH for future work.
Sabaa.org, USA


We have developed a product which is a Web based Transcription workflow and Vendor Management for Medical Transcription Service Providers to enable themselves automate the workflow process of assigning and tracking jobs and facilitates operations of healthcare providers, be they single doctors, clinics or hospitals. If you own a transcription firm outsourcing jobs to vendors, ScribeFlow can automate almost all of your administrative tasks. The product has undergone rigorous testing and currently being used by our clients.

Core Modules and Functionalities

  • Download Service: File downloads, The service will also have provision to add other clients for automated downloads
  • Data Synchronization Service: All downloaded files will be synchronized with the database at a configurable duration with details like Filename,ClientName,AccountName,Downloaded Date and Time etc.
  • Vendor Allot Synchronization: Synchronization of files allotted to vendors which includes auto-allot.Allot mode will be configurable “Auto” / “Manual”. Auto allot mode will disable manual allot and vice versa
  • WebDocument Synchronization: Synchronization of documents uploaded to Database.
  • Validation Service : This service will be done using a pluggable component which will integrate along with the existing Legacy VB Browser application currently used by vendors.
  • Allot Module : Display a summary of all allotted files to vendors with an ability to allow user with “admin” role to  Assign,ReAssign,Backlog and Prelog files
  • Mobility: Allot page through mobiles either from your Andriod or iPhone web browser.
  • User Administration with Access Control : Module to Create / Edit existing users  and assign roles with predefined privileges. Users will be denied / allowed page access based on privileges set for the role. This module will also have a provision for Vendors / Clients to manage their own users. Passwords can be changed by the logged in users.
  • Vendor / Client / Account/TAT Settings: Module to Add or Remove vendors / clients / accounts and Set Turn Around Time Settings at the account level.
  • HS Service Manager: Windows application to start/stop all MedTrans Windows services.
  • Dashboard: Display critical alert messages and Vendor allot capacity.
  • Reports

Generate all kinds of reports and different turn-around-time as per client’s requirement, few of the reports are.

  1. a) Upload Report – Summary of all files uploaded along with DNT and Corrupted
  2. b)   Download Versus Upload report – Compare files downloaded with documents uploaded.
  3. c)   File Status Report: Current Status of the file UnAssigned / With Vendor / DNT /Corrupted / Uploaded
  • Document Manager: WebDocument manger will allow clients to search / fax / print documents linked to the voice files.
  • Client Module: Show Current status of all files assigned by the Client with a provision to download the documents online.
  • Chat Messenger: Module to allow users logged in to MedTransV3 to communicate online.
  • Legacy VB Application Bridge : To monitor current vendor file status. The vendor currently uses a legacy VB Application to allot files to its operators. To handle we integrated existing VB Application and MedTrans using a pluggable adapter at vendors end which will continuously monitor and synchronize documents in the existing status ‘MT’/’SE’/’QC’/’Download’ to MedTrans WebServer. A Mapping tool will be given to vendors which will map existing users in VB Application to users set for the Vendors in MedTrans V3.
  • Line count and other utilities