Opportunity crystallization and collection of preliminary information

Opportunity crystallization and collection of preliminary information

The activity leads to generating details about the opportunity in question. The details so generated will be technical and architectural details, scope of the solution and project in question, skill set summary that would be needed to execute the project. The objective is to generate enough information to do a preliminary effort and time scoping, evaluate the complexity involved and to crystallize an effective base for all solutions that need to be addressed in the future.

Study of Customer’s e-business strategy and application road map

The objective of this activity would be study strategy and implementation road map with the objective of understanding the goals and imperatives that need to be fulfilled and the applications that need to be developed. This also helps in gaining an understanding of the time frames. The requirements will be captured through a combination of questionnaires, interviews with project stakeholders and end users.

Study of existing applications and technical/application architecture

In this step the existing applications, underlying technologies and platforms, logical and physical deployment architectures are analyzed in order to ascertain the gaps that need to be fulfilled in line with the ebusiness strategy and the implementation road

Gap analysis and Project definition

The application gaps that need to be filled are crystallized. An initial resource, skill, time and effort estimate is done in this activity. The same is refined in subsequent phases. Also, the responsibilities of the client and the solution implementer/ consultant are delineated.