How to build Process and Improvement Techniques

We have highly structured, repeatable, managed processes, which ensure that applications are maintained consistently, and that knowledge is easily shared between application support teams and customers.  These processes are metrics driven and are compliant to leading international specifications such as ISO, CMMI and adopt ITIL best practices for service delivery and service management.


Approach Processes / Tools
Business criticality, high complexities and scalability ·   Business Analysis for System Engineering

Processes for

·   Performance Tuning

·   User Experience Management

·   Quality

To implement robust engagement processes Engagement Processes/Tools

  • Onsite – Offshore Model
  • Project Metrics Tool

Application Development

  • Configuration Management Methodology
  • Agile Development Methodology
  • Test Suite development methodology
  • Re-engineering methodology
  • Migration Methodologies


  • Service request management Methodology
  • Application release Methodology
  • SLA Management Methodology


Implement standard engagement processes to align specific customer requirements Standardization of Processes & technologies using the ITIL framework


Continuous Improvement

We are committed to provide customer benefits of continuous improvements through innovation and optimization in the areas of resource usage, support processes and project management. The life-cycle consists of identifying the gaps, root cause analysis, process re-engineering and process validation.


Our Approach to Continuous Improvement

Identification of gaps in processes

  • Audit Feedback
  • Monthly Quality Review
  • Suggestions & Feedback
  • Bench marking
  • Metrics analysis


Process Improvement Life Cycle

After identification of process gaps each process improvement goes through its own life cycle consisting of the following phases:

  • Process capability measurement
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Process Definition/Modification, Process Review, Process Evaluation, Process Piloting
  • Process capability validation
  • Process Dissemination, Process Implementation

We strive towards continuously improvement for enhancing its overall process capability. Steps shall be taken to incorporate user feedback and state-of-the-practice software engineering tools / methods into the organization’s Quality System.

The following are some of the key areas that will be focused during the engagement.

  • Analysis of support performance through root cause analysis and using metrics analysis tools
  • Evaluating support performance through periodic customer surveys and implementing the corrective measures
  • Optimizing resource usage through multi-skilling of resources
  • Adopt innovation by building Proof of Concepts for new technologies