Product data extraction

Can be used for brand monitoring

Sentiment analysis of products

Product reviews analysis

Analysis of pricing trends


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Web Scrapping

We have been dipping our toes in e-Commerce, or we are ready to roll up your sleeves working for a start-up company with an ingenious idea. The need for scaling up the business is at stake. 

Price data fetched from E-commerce sites being the main data requirement for arriving at Optimal Price, this should be taken care of with utmost care. Price crawling services can provide continuous feeds at the desired frequencies depending on our requirement.

Scrape customer information, and find out how you can bring up their satisfaction by fine-tuning your market strategies. Make a dynamic pricing strategy. The market is not static, and your pricing should keep up with the changes to maximize the profit. Web scraping enables you to keep tabs on changes in market price and promotion events in a timely manner

You can build a web crawler to extract the data we described above. Or you might have more innovative ideas regarding its application than I do. Don’t underestimate the power of web scraping. It is the best solution for businesses to obtain a large volume of the necessary information in a routine fashion. You deserve to focus all the energy on important business operations.

 Investment decisions are complex, as it usually involves a series of the process before a sound decision can be made from setting up a hypothetical thesis, experimenting, to researching. The most effective way to test an investment thesis is through historical data analysis. It allows you to gain insights into the root cause of past failures or successes, pitfalls you should have avoided, and future investment returns you might gain. As a means, web scraping extracts historical data more effectively, of which you can feed such data into some machine learning database for model training. 

The ‘Product Pricing – IP Tool’ is developed using OpenCart that uses the ‘Crawled Data’ to determine the ‘Optimal Price’ for any Given Product at any given point of time.  These ‘Crawled Data’ are processed to Identify the Product by its Name, Brand and Model. Also these ‘Crawled Data’ helps to gather the ‘Market Pricing Details’, and then by analysis ‘Optimal Price’ for a Given Product is determined.

OpenCart 3.0 is implemented as the Base Platform, for ‘Product Owners’ and ‘Renters’ Details using MySQL, as Back-end Database. This OpenCart System is integrated with ‘Zoho One’ Environment. Zoho-Inventory, Zoho-Invoice & Zoho-Books, Zoho-CRM & Zoho-Analytics, and Zoho-Desk, are integrated with the Client System  using ‘API-Tokens’.  Take full advantage of e-commerce platform with ease of buying and selling products or services online across different business models.