How do we manage Issues

During the course of the project issues would arise. Unresolved issues could impede the project’s progress. Effective issue management is a key element of project success. Our approach to issue resolution process is explained in the below Figure which provides a common understanding on how issues are logged, analyzed, resolved, approved and communicated.


Figure – Issue Resolution Process

AKRA TECH believes that we would need to categorize the issue based on the severity and impact and provide the response accordingly, the resolution time would be discussed and timeline offered against service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators, for example:


Severity and Impact Indicators Response Time
1 – Critical
  • High Visibility
  • Large number of orders or customers affected
  • Affects online commitment
  • Production or cycle stopped priority batch commitment missed
  • Major loss of functionality
  • Problem cannot be bypassed
  • No viable or productive work around available
Less than 30 min
2 – Significant
  • Moderate visibility
  • Moderate to large number of order or customers affected
  • Potentially affects online commitment
  • Serious slow response time
  • Potentially affects production –potential miss of priority batch commitments
  • Limited use of product or component
  • Component continues to fail intermittently down for short periods, but repetitive
  • Problems may have a possible bypass but the bypass must be acceptable to the customer
  • Major access down but a partial backup exists
Less than 3 hours
3 – Minor
  • Low to medium visibility
  • Low order or customer impact
  • Limited use of product or component
  • Single client device affected
  • Minimal loss of functionality
  • Problem may be bypassed or redundancy in place –bypass must be acceptable to the customer
  • Automated workaround in place and known –workaround must be acceptable to the customer
Less than 24 hours


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