Take full advantage of our custom e-commerce platform with ease of buying, selling, and renting products online across various product lines

We have built number of e-commerce platforms helping clients.
in their business of buying, selling and renting products.

Our custom Open source e-commerce MVP models – Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C) or Customer to Customer (C2C) have helped customers launch their retail businesses with ease. Our proven e-commerce technology solutions have helped clients with a robust, scalable and cost-effective retail platforms.

Product Management

Our Product Management tool has been developed to bring a 360-degree view of the Product Line involving both Upstream and Downstream workflow. We have also built customized Web Crawlers to scrap the required product attributes across various e-commerce sites as part of the Upstream workflow. 

The product attributes are processed into our platform to accomplish the required functionalities typically required in an e-commerce platform. Our product management covers the following 

  • Master Product Management
  • Analytical Dashboards
  • Third-Party Product Integration
  • Partner Management

Full Stack Technology

Our e-commerce platforms run across Full Stack technologies leveraging AWS cloud services. We follow a complete end to end Agile process as part of our e-commerce development, maintenance, and support. 

Our proven OpenCart Enterprise Suite has been integrated with ‘Number of 3rd party Tools and Services' that include Accounting, Payment Gateways, Logistics, Fleet Management,  Maps, and Alerts & Notifications.

Distibution system

API Integration

We have integrated with various API services to accomplish the following features

  • Multi-Vendor Stores
  • Logistics & Route optimization
  • Custom Calendar Scheduling
  • Fleet management involving in-house and contract drivers
  • Google Map Real time Tracking
  • Custom Delivery Pickups and Drop-offs
  • SMS Notifications and Alerts

Financial Accounting

We have developed and integrated financial books involving 3rd party API’s such as Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, Quickbooks etc.. All credit and debit transactions in the platform are handled through workflows and managed in appropriate Bank and Card accounts. 

We have automated account verification processes so that the buyer or seller can have the amounts credited / debited with related checks and balances

Distibution system
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Our in-house Inventory management tool has helped clients in managing their product catalog and integrating seamlessly with their e-commerce platforms . Our robust inbound and outbound data workflows have been integrated to help in managing all product line attributes to ensure that the e-commerce platform is well integrated and automated to handle any product line. The tool interfaces with all endpoints and provides a 360° view of any product catalog in the platform

Website Development Services

    Product Analysis and Forecasting

    We have built customized analytical dashboards and provided forecasting and predictive reports using data visualization tools such as Tableau. Our predictive machine learning algorithms have been developed to provide Inventory forecasting for product lines in a given Inventory warehouse and predicting the stocks over any given period of time . We have also built an predictive pricing model using Machine learning to predict the price of a Product over period of time based on various product parameters both external and internal.


    Our secured e-payments have been integrated with Stripe platform to handle both credit and debit transactions using Credit/Debit Cards and Bank Accounts. We have built an additional security layer in account verification for automated payouts to the seller. All sensitive transactional data including Card/Bank details are stored under 3rd party e-payment sites such as Stripe to ensure data protection and privacy


    Our Logistics Distribution System features have been developed to take care of the entire product distribution between Buyers, Sellers and Warehouse. A driver module including a calendar scheduling system has been implemented and automated for drivers to handle delivery and pickup of products. The warehouse manager can track, assign and manage the entire logistics which includes features such as

    • Delivery and Pickup across various Delivery timelines
    • Auto and Manual assignment of drivers as part of Delivery and Pickups
    • Delivery Dispatch Notes for Drivers
    • Real Time Driver map tracking
    • Optimization of Delivery routes for Drivers
    • Driver Notifications and Alerts