Things to consider while building a Whistleblower app

The Whistleblower is an app that helps employees openly express their problems. This app would be extremely useful as it helps organizations keep an easy track of the complaints filed by their employees.

This app should contain an exclusive triage connection pattern that connects all the stakeholders within the organization. The main features of the whistleblower app should have easy steps for registration for a new complaint. Users can register a new complaint under any of the many categories defined by the organization.

Our expertise in this app has been to develop a connection pattern that links all the stakeholders within the organization. We have built-in features where the whistleblower is allowed to lock his complaints in a discreet way. The security features have been programmed in such a way that none of the audio recorded complaints & encrypted the complaints of the whistleblower.

The whistleblower has an opportunity to track his complaint as & when there are any changes registered. The workflow has been built in for the whistleblower to re-register his complaint, this complaint later gets transferred to a different manager to help resolve the same. A few of the security features that have been proposed are Custom Captcha, Encrypted Text, Encrypted Audio Recordings along with an Encrypted database.

The Manager role has access to a few main domains including Inbox, and Documentation access. The Manager can check the Inbox chat options & also update documents.  

The Super admin is the one who manages the entire whistleblower app across the organization. He is equipped with handling all the user profile roles with the required permission. Besides, the Super Admin also has a built-in document management system to handle all the docs, images, and audio files shared by the recipient complaint.

Lastly, the Super Admin also has the option to update the required Support & Frequently Answer Question sections which act as a quick reference guide for the users.