Change Management

AKRA TECH acknowledges the changes to the scope could occur during the course of the engagement. To address such changes, AKRA TECH will implement a change management process. The purpose of this procedure is to have client management evaluate the cost/benefit of any requested changes and to make informed decisions. The impact on the project scope, cost and schedule due to the change request will be evaluated and has to be mutually agreed upon between AKRA TECH  and customer .

The below diagram depicts the process of scope change management

AKRA TECH resources assigned are planned against the scope and schedule as outlined in the contract. To have the project delivered as per schedule, resources and timeline need to be modified when the project scope expands significantly. Potential scope changes are discussed during weekly project status review meeting, and cases of significant change are brought to the attention of the management.

Quality and Performance

AKRA TECH believes the implementation quality is core to the Technical support approach. The process starts during the planning done by AKRA TECH before it kicks-off the engagement. The tools to aid in collecting and analyzing project metrics, which helps in managing the project from a holistic perspective, will be used.

The following diagram illustrates the various processes of quality management that occur during the life-cycle of the project.

Performance Metrics

We believe in providing a combination of technical knowledge and consistent reporting tools to align program performance measurement with customer’s business drivers. The performance management tools and methodologies will deliver effective reporting of key performance indicators and promote continuous improvement of the service delivery program.

Our proposed performance management model is shown in the figure below, encompasses all the standards, procedures, and processes that are used to monitor and assess the service delivery program and provides up-to-date statistics on operations. Output from the analysis provides a tool for implementing continuous improvement of the program and services.

The metrics will be calculated differently for different categories of work requests, based on the complexity and/or priority of the request. They include:

  • Productivity (throughput), which describes productivity in terms of the number of work requests delivered per unit of effort
  • Average turnaround time, which is the average time in calendar days expended per work request
  • Adherence to turnaround time, which is the number of times that production fixes were delivered within the customer-specified turnaround time
  • Delivered defects, which is the number of times that a defective fix was delivered.

The metrics will be analyzed each month by the project team to ensure that they are meeting expectations for the engagement. As the project progresses, the performance goals against these metrics will be revised, resulting in continuous performance improvement..

Configuration Management

We understand the work entitles us configuring the application for new accounting calendars; new fiscal year financial segments; accounting flex field values and subheads; and establishing/adjusting financial periods as required.

AKRA TECH adopts a careful thinking towards configuration. Configurations are prioritized after a detailed gap analysis and after exhausting all options to find a suitable work rounds. Such gaps that require customization’s are prioritized as “Must-to-Have” and “Nice-to-Have” and taken up for development in a phased manner.

Configuration Management processes covers Change management of deliverables (documents, solution or source code) and Change management of project parameters – schedule, budget and scope

Stage Work Involved
  • Develop Configuration management plan
  • Identify deliverables that would go through the configuration management processes
Execution  covers

  • Analysis
  • Build
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Support
  • Execute Configuration processes
  • Maintain Delivery & sign-off Log
  • Configuration Audits
  • Ensure timely sign-off of various project deliverables

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