Building Surveys using TypeForm within SaaS Application

SurveysSurveys are conversations made easy and they also help in getting quick feedback. Surveys are the most sought-after method to enhance both user experience and also get a 360-degree performance review.     

We have recently introduced the Survey feature in one of our top SaaS projects and the responses are overwhelming! Two different surveys were designed, one each for the student and parent. These surveys were integrated using Typeform API and other necessary features were added to improve the overall layout.  

It is now much easier to understand and analyze the problems faced by both the students and parents. Helping them find apt solutions to these identified problems is done at a faster pace, since the initiation of the survey method. Intervening between students/parents and the difficulties faced by them & thereby providing constructive solutions to the same is an integral part of this SaaS application. This process has been simplified enormously post the addition of the Survey feature. Students & parents can also share any positive event/idea that has recently influenced their lives too. We have framed the questionnaire for the Survey in such a way both opportunities & threats can be addressed.

Surveys act as a platform for both the user & developer to assess problems. Users can openly answer and outrightly express their choices via survey responses. In this particular SaaS application, we can efficiently connect students/parents to individuals/organizations who can help them find a solution. This guidance which is provided with the help of survey forms is welcomed widely by both the student & the parent group.


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