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Our Implementation approach focuses on enforcing processes for the organization with required attention We believe it is important to consider all surrounding resistances and to try to address their concerns in ways that are more

Our Assessment Model will be employed to identify incremental steps to improve how a company manages its projects and to increase the likelihood of achieving project success. The assessment model looks at each of the project

Our Enterprise Project, Program & Portfolio Management Office (P3MO) has a central place in monitoring benefits realization through portfolio’s, projects and other program components, such as operations. The first priority is to develop and implement

We have highly structured, repeatable, managed processes, which ensure that applications are maintained consistently, and that knowledge is easily shared between application support teams and customers.  These processes are metrics driven and are compliant to

We have the ability to develop and support custom Open Source applications with our in-depth and vast technical competency. We have technical expertise across a varied span of technologies like integrated development environments, databases, operating

AKRA TECH would assist in the management of the day-to-day maintenance of Oracle E-Business Suite applications and Provide technical expertise to identify/resolve high level system issues as well as assist users/finance personnel in correcting day-to-day

AKRA TECH understands the need to comply with the risk management plan and provide input and provide services to assist in identifying, reviewing, and developing strategies to resolve engineering risks, issues, and challenges. We believe

AKRA TECH acknowledges the changes to the scope could occur during the course of the engagement. To address such changes, AKRA TECH will implement a change management process. The purpose of this procedure is to

Our projects, programs, and portfolios (3 P’s) and Organization Strategy In order for all the three domains, projects, programs, and portfolios (3 P’s)meet the maturity standards (PMI) there is a need to bring a unified